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Carol comes back to work for the first time since the incident at Sandra's wedding. She threatens to call corporate if there are any issues her first day back. 

Jonah and Cheyenne go to a protest for "Raise the Wage."

Mateo and Garrett hire someone to do their work for them, so Mateo can buy tickets to a concert. 

No one wants to work with Carol because they're afraid of her. Amy has her work with her in the office, but brings in a security guard as a precaution. 

Glenn and Dina attempt to go through Carol's purse, but she finds out and threatens to call her contact at corporate. again. Amy buys her lunch. 

Amy convinces the employees to treat Carol better. They can't fire her because of mental health problems and they don't want someone from corporate coming in. 

Cheyenne tells Jonah the leader of their rally thinks Jonah is a nark. To prove he's not Jonah goes across the street and secretly bribes people not to eat at the sub shop they're protesting.

Amy has Carol work on the robot. She gets electrocuted and causes the power to go out, preventing Mateo from buying his tickets. 

Sandra watches the video of Carol on a loop through the security cameras. 

The leader of the rally stands up for Jonah when he is yelled at by the shop's manager. Jonah kicks over a trashcan and he and Cheyenne take off. 

Jonah tells Amy that "Raise the Wage" wants him to go to their next rally. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Amy: This isn't a joke. She finished her therapy and she's been cleared to come back to work.
Dina: So, after everything she's done she can just waltz back in here and wear the blue vest. The only vest she should be wearing is one with black and white stripes.
Amy: Like a referee?
Dina: No, like a jail vest. Like, a vest you wear in jail.

Sandra: Oh, you think I should apologize?
Carol: Well, you almost made me kill my cat.
Sandra: I did that?
Carol: You stole Jerry from me, you rubbed your wedding in my face for months, and then you asked me to be your maid of honor? i mean, that was just cruel.
Sandra: You told me I had to.
Carol: I don't know, Amy. It seems like she's not ready to take responsibility.