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Amy introduces a cereal bar to the store. 

Jonah worries that Zephra is using the cereal bar to distract the employees from their poor treatment. 

Mateo tells Garrett that Carol got suspended with pay. 

Dina tries to prove that a customer has been scamming Cloud 9. She opens up his return, which is filled with rocks. He flirts with her and Dina flees the room. 

Jonah tries to convince Amy to talk to the Zephra CEO about employee issues. 

Dina realizes that she's attracted to the scammer. 

Amy and Jonah try to prepare the employees for the video chat with the CEO. 

Garrett pretends to be in mental distress to trick Glenn into giving him paid time off. 

Dina and the scammer makeout in front of Cheyenne. 

The employees try to bring up Cloud 9's issues during the video call, but Amy shuts them down. 

Amy and Jonah get into a fight, and Amy forgets that she set up a Valentine's Day lunch for Jonah at the store. 

The scammer convinces Dina to go out to dinner with him. 

Sandra heads to another Cloud 9 store to join their video call, and Amy and Jonah rush to stop her. Sandra asks for employee cars, and the CEO hangs up. 

Garrett admits to Glenn that he made up his mental distress to get a day off. 

Zephra gives all Cloud 9 employees 50% off Lyfts nationwide. 

Jonah gives Amy a card and chocolates for Valentine's Day. 

Dina walks outside with the scammer where the cops are waiting to arrest him. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Amy: Oh, crap! I totally forgot I set this up. I mean, I know we said we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day but-
Jonah: Oh, okay. So, you're allowed to break an agreement, but if I do it—wait is that the guy from our first date?
Amy: Yes. You said you loved him.
Jonah: That was very thoughtful.
Amy: I know.
Jonah: Is that gnocchi?
Amy: Yes, your favorite!
Jonah: I love gnocchi.
Amy: I know!

Justine: Oh my God! You did it! You got us cars!
Sandra: I did?
Justine: Zephra just sent a mass email saying that Cloud 9 employees now get 50% off all Lyfts nationwide.