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Amy is nervous about going to lunch with Jonah's parents and meeting his brother, Richard, for the first time. 

Dina's new boyfriend, Brian, shows up to work for an impromptu lunch, which makes Dina panic. 

Amy notices that Jonah's brother is treating him badly, but Jonah asks her to be the bigger person and play nice. 

The employees decide to have a "Customer Safari" game. They must snap pictures of customers doing certain things and show them to Garrett for authentification. 

Richard continues to make fun of Jonah, which makes Amy mad. She tries to speak up, but Jonah shuts her down. 

Dina realizes that something is off with the employees while she's on her lunch date and runs off to figure it out. 

Amy tries to defend Jonah, but Jonah's father misunderstands and believes she's talking about his own affair. Jonah's mom is heartbroken and goes to the bathroom. 

Brian apologizes for showing up to Dina's work unannounced, but the two bond by catching the employees in action together. They make them shut the "customer safari" down. 

Amy apologizes to Jonah's mom. She tells her she was just being protective of Jonah because he's such a good person. 

Jonah's mom realizes how much Amy cares about him and decides she wants a relationship like their's. She tells her husband that she wants a divorce.

Amy apologizes to Jonah, but Jonah says his mom should've left his dad years ago. 

Back at Cloud 9, Amy gets a job offer from Zephra that would require her to relocate. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Come on, this is Amy we're talking about. "Filled up on bread" is gonna go on her gravestone.


Jonah: It's just lunch! You're great at lunch! You do it every day.
Amy: Yeah, but your family's gonna be there. And you know my eating style isn't for everyone.