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Amy has trouble getting her employees' attention while they talk about Cloud 9's new ownership. 

With the union shut down, Jonah keeps looking for something to fight for.

Carol tells Sandra she's coming to her wedding, which worries her. She asks Garrett to tell Carol that she's not invited.

Amy asks Glenn to be the floor supervisor. 

Jonah uses Cloud 9's new t-shirt line to promote gender equality. 

Dina and Garrett tell Carol she's not invited to Sandra's wedding, but she insists on coming anyway.

The male employees feel like they're under attack because the new CEO of the company is a woman. Jonah realizes he might be able to tap into their anger to continue to fuel the union. 

Jonah convinces Amy to let the men talk about their feelings in the breakroom, but it turns into about feminism. 

The men get angry when Amy is on the phone during their speech, so they rebel by having a "men's rights" protest in the store. 

Carol pressures Sandra into making her her co-maid of honor. 

Amy gets Glenn to announce that he's floor supervisor in front of all the men, and they end their protest, satisfied to report to a man. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Jonah: Who knew Cloud 9 would ever catch up to intersectional feminism?
Mateo: We'll look it up later. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Amy: I know that the union dying was really hard-
Jonah: Not dying, just napping.
Amy: Sure. And I'm really glad that you're still looking for something to fight for. But in the last month there's been the voter registration and the bricks in the toilet for water conservation, and that poor dog you rescued from his own backyard.