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Amy tells the employees that Mateo's bond hearing has been scheduled and his lawyer is coming by to get a statement from her. 

Sandra lets everyone know that Dina is her maid of honor. 

Mateo's lawyer comes to the store to talk to Amy and Mateo's aunt is worried that Amy is going to screw everything up. 

Sandra is convinced that Dina is throwing her a bachelorette party even though she keeps denying it. 

Cheyenne empties Mateo's locker and Glenn and Marcus argue over who should have it. Cheyenne agrees to choose between them. 

Justine tells Mateo's lawyer that he's always making fun of people and Amy yells at her. 

Sandra tells Jonah and Garrett how excited she is for the party, and Jonah decides to throw one for her. 

Mateo's lawyer makes Amy realize how hard it's going to be to get Mateo out on bond. 

Dina forbids Jonah to throw Sandra a party. 

All the employees try to lie to Mateo's lawyer to make him sound like a better person. 

The lawyer overhears Amy and Jeff arguing, and tells them that ICE isn't allowed to do worksite enforcement during a union dispute. He asks them to get proof that corporate ordered the raid. 

Sandra brings Jerry into the store and Jonah decides to have the party anyway. 

Dina catches Jonah with a cake and forces him to eat it all. 

Jeff refuses to go on the record as a witness to coporate's decision to call ICE. 

Amy and Cheyenne trick Jeff into thinking Mateo had a picture of them hanging in his locker and Jeff agrees to testify. 

Dina catches everyone at Sandra's secret party, and get's angry and decides to throw Sandra one herself. 

Mateo gets out on bond. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Sandra: I thought Dina was throwing me a little engagement party, as like a maid of honor thing.
Jonah: Dina's your maid of honor?
Dina: Who else was she gonna ask? The old lady who spits at her on the bus?

Amy: Good news! Mateo's bond hearing has been scheduled. His aunt is bringing his lawyer by to get a statement from me today.
Marcus: Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.