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Glenn is back as the store manager; he starts the daily briefing. Dina arrives late and takes over for Glenn. People are still treating her as the manager.  

Sandra asks her co-workers to donate so that Biscuit, her cat, can have surgery. They are reluctant until Carol chips in first.

Dina sends Nia home because she contracted food poisoning. Glenn is upset that Nia did not notify him; he asks her a round of questions Dina already had. 

A customer tries to return a medical item since Zephra accepts returns from all their companies at Cloud 9. Garrett begins having trouble with the system/

Glenn asks Cheyenne about Dina managing the store. He prints a false threat he made to the store, but Dina does not take it seriously.

Sandra tells everyone that Biscuit died. After Sandra leaves, employees discuss whether or not their money was used for the surgery.

Glenn sees Bo talking with Cheyenne. Glenn asks Bo to call some of his friends to deface the store as a method of testing security protocols.

Garrett is still having trouble with customer returns. Dina offers help from another employee, but Garrett declines.

Jonah and Mateo talk to Sandra about their money. Sandra tells them she used the donations to turn Biscuit's remains a diamond.

The employees talk about what to do about their donated money.

Two of Bo's friends arrive at the store, and Dina catches them.

Garrett is now on the phone with the medical company that Zephra owns, still trying to sort out the return.

Mateo goes to talk to Sandra about the money, but he changes his mind when he sees her crying.

Glenn thanks Bo for his help. Bo tells Glenn that his friends convinced some dangerous people to destroy the store. Glenn panics.

Dina questions Bo's friends, and they tell her that Glenn asked Bo to ask them to test the store's security.

Garrett gives customers their return receipts; they all read for grapes rather than the items they returned.

Dozens of people arrive to deface the store and steal items. Dina believes these are hired goons and not real threats, so she lets them go.

Someone steals Sandra's diamond.

Afterward, Glenn panics about the wreckage in the store. Dina has it covered, and Glenn asks her to co-manage the store with him.

The next day, Cheyenne passes around a donation jar for Sandra, not knowing what occurred the previous day.

Dina and Glenn walk into the daily briefing side by side. A person arrives with documents for a lawsuit -- Carol is suing the store.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Carol: Guys, we're a family, and we have to be there for each other. And Sandra would be there for any of us if we had a gross, sick cat.
Jonah: I guess that -- that's a valid point from Carol.

Glenn: We've got a really exciting COVID announcement.
Cheyenne: Oh my god, is it over? I don't know about you guys, but COVID has been, like, super annoying for me.
Jonah: Huh. Yeah, now that you mention it, I'd have to give it a thumbs down.