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At the daily meeting, Glenn and Dina try to pass on morning announcements. Cheyenne and Mateo are still fighting, so they keep insulting each other.

Dina and Garrett briefly talk about their relationship arrangement. Glenn stops by, and Dina tells him store employees are no longer allowed to say, " have a heavenly day." Glenn is upset.

Justine and Mateo talk about his fight with Cheyenne. Cheyenne puts up embarrassing photos of Mateo on the screens of electronic products. Sayid tells everyone that he got dumped, and the employees stop caring about Cheyenne and Mateo's fight.

Jonah walks by as Garrett makes an announcement. Jonah casually brings up a fight they had, but Garrett does not remember it. Glenn asks Jonah and Garrett for help regarding store policies changing.

In the warehouse, Mateo and Cheyenne try to gain the other employees' attention by insulting each other, but they have moved on to comforting Sayid.

Later, Glenn researches conspiracy theories on Zephra. Dina tells him to stop. Sandra overhears their conversation, and after Dina leaves, she implies Zephra is hiding something.

Cheyenne and Mateo talk about everyone's interest in Sayid's breakup, and they go out for ice cream.

Sandra and Glenn approach Marcus. Marcus and Sandra expand Glenn's conspiracy theories on Zephra.

A customer goes to Garrett to return an item. Jonah becomes upset when he realizes that Garrett remembers this customer and the product, but not their fight.

Dina tells Glenn to stop looking into the conspiracy theories. They host a meeting where Dina says conspiracy theory discussions are now banned. Jonah tries to open the floor to talk about it, but it does not go well.

Cheyenne and Mateo come back from getting ice cream, and they hatch a plan to get everyone interested in their fighting again.

Garrett asks Jonah to stop texting Randy. Jonah is still upset because he thinks he cares about Garrett more than Garrett cares about him.

Cheyenne and Mateo pretend to fight in the warehouse, and people pay attention until Glenn finds their brainstorming notes. Glenn thinks Zephra controls them, while everyone else realizes Cheyenne and Mateo are not actually fighting anymore. They insult Sayid, and he returns the favor.

Sandra, Marcus, and Glenn break down the personnel door. Dina tries to stop them, but it is too late. Inside is a tech room. Marcus unplugs all the wires they find, causing the store to shut down.

Dina updates the customers in the store as a technician fixes the issue. Marcus and Sandra are worried about Zephra taking action against them, and Glenn does not believe in the conspiracy theory anymore.

Garrett asks Jonah about cheese, but Jonah is still upset. Garrett tells Jonah about a time where he was upset at him for ditching dinner to spend time with Amy.

Glenn sits down with a liter of juice, disheartened because of not understanding the recent Zephra updates.

Cheyenne and Mateo talk about Sayid, and they bond again. 

Glenn thinks of quitting the store. He decides to, but he changes his mind when Garrett makes up a fake memo about being allowed to say " have a heavenly day" again.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Dina: Zephra's asking that we no longer use the term "heavenly day."
Glenn: What?!
Dina: Yeah, there was a memo. They feel it's a little loaded.
Glenn: Yeah. Yeah, it's loaded. With kindness! It's the same thing as saying, "Have a nice day," or "Have a good day!"
Dina: Great. Then say one of those instead.
Glenn: To the customers?! I might as well give them the middle finger!

Dina: Now, we've noticed some of your masks are getting dingy; Cheyenne will be handing out new protective equipment.
Mateo: Based on her history, I wouldn't trust Cheyenne with protection.
Cheyenne: I may be a teen mom, but at least I don't look like someone put a Pixar character into a microwave.
Mateo: Well, you'd be DreamWorks, bitch.