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Dina leads the morning meeting because Glenn is late. When he arrives, he tells everyone that a member of his church came down with COVID-19. Everyone forces Glenn to leave. 

Dina steps in as manager and begins giving orders to Mateo and Cheyenne.

Sayid asks Dina for a post switch to avoid Justine, but she says no. 

While Sandra works, Glenn calls her and asks if she could tell him about the store's prize wheel.

Jonah asks Cheyenne if he could leave early for a job interview his dad set up for him. Dina comes over and asks Cheyenne, Garrett, and Jonah to find the source of a weird smell.

Marcus is upset he cannot see his baby nephew. He asks Dina if he could FaceTime him, she says no.

Sayid and Justine are frustrated because of working with each other. Dina gets everyone to take a deep breath then sends them back to work.

While looking for the smell, Cheyenne tells Jonah she researched the company. Jonah realizes this company is a great opportunity and gets excited about it. 

Sandra is still on the phone with Glenn, telling him about the prize wheel.

Dina asks Mateo to fax files to the corporate office. Dina tells Mateo about her need for this day to be perfect. She posts flyers encouraging strict obedience around the store.

Jonah is still talking to Garrett about the company.

Mateo catches two employees gossiping. When Dina walks by, he pretends to scold them.

A customer asks Marcus for help, but Marcus laments about his nephew.

Jonah asks Cheyenne for more time to prepare for his interview; she takes over his position. Garrett is upset about the interview.

While in the car, Glenn starts throwing donuts outside. He calls Dina, but Mateo drags her back inside the store because chaos erupted among the employees.

Dina storms to her office. Mateo suggests that she needs to listen to the employees the way Glenn did.

Glenn calls Sandra again, and Dina calls the employees for a meeting.

During the meeting, Dina makes everyone talk about their frustrations to listen to each other. Everyone starts saying mean things to each other, and eventually, they start fighting. They claim they want Glenn back.

Jonah has his interview. He discovers that his interviewer is not interested in hiring Jonah, and he was doing a favor for Jonah's dad.

Cheyenne and Garrett found the source of the smell. Jonah joins them and apologizes for his behavior.

After the meeting, Mateo tries to comfort Dina. He suggests hitting something, and they bring out the prize wheel so all employees can have a chance to vent their frustrations by hitting the wheel with a baseball bat.

The episode ends when Glenn drives by and sees what the employees are doing. Glenn is upset at the destruction of the prize wheel.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, I get that Glenn likes to coddle everyone, but it is my store today. So while I have the chance, I am going to do everything the right way.


Jonah: So, Cloud 9 just thinks that the pandemic is over? Because I'm pretty sure nobody told the pandemic that.
Garrett: You gotta look at it from corporate's perspective. They love money, and they don't care if we die.
Jonah: Ah, yeah, that makes sense.