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Zephra asks Dina and Glenn to read Carol's private messages in regards to her lawsuit.

Eric tells Garrett and Mateo that Jonah is still living at Amy's house. 

Dina acts Cheyenne to spy on Carol to prove she's careless. 

Mateo tries to convince Jonah to move out so he and Erica can move in. 

Marcus is secretly living with Jonah. 

Garrett and Dina go through the employees' messages and discover that they're meeting up in a secret location called "the trough."

Glenn makes Sandra dress up as Amy to help Jonah get out his repressed feelings. 

Carol tells Cheyenne that they're getting screwed by corporate and she's going to win the lawsuit for all the employees. 

Mateo gets Kelly to cover a shift at the Stanton store. He assigns her to work with Jonah, but she refuses to discuss anything personal. 

Carol and Cheyenne bond over their distaste for corporate. 

Marcus tells everyone that he and Jonah are roommates. 

Kelly helps Jonah realize that he's not over his breakup with Amy. Jonah goes off on a rant about her and decides to move out of Amy's house. 

Dina and Garrett almost kiss. 

Carol records Cheyenne's confession about stealing makeup from Cloud 9 so she can use it against her if needed. 

Jonah thanks Marcus for being a good roommate. 

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Glenn: Jonah, you need our help. Right, Amy?
Sandra: Totally dude.
Jonah: Dude?
Sandra: She's in California now. That's how people there talk.

I mean, we used to hook up in the store, so we can't really judge.