Sophie Is All Smiles - Surface Season 1 Episode 6
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Sophie meets with Hannah and tells her she thinks she was the problem in her life.

Sophie runs into Baden during a jog and tells him not to pursue the case against James. He gives her 24 hours before he brings his evidence forward.

James tells Sophie that financial crimes wants to investigate him, and she should drain the bank account. However, without a bank account, Sophie is unable to do so.

James and Harrison confront Todd at work regarding his snooping through James's computer and interactions with Baden.

With the 24 hours passed, Sophie tells James she will confess to Baden, hoping it will go away. While Sophie pleads with Baden, James gets a call from Harrison, who informs him that he once hired Baden to look into Sophie.

Baden asks Sophie to run away with him.

After James tells her about Baden's intentions when they first met, Sophie meets him at the train station and blackmails him into leaving her and James alone.

Sophie admits to James that she thinks someone pushed her off the ferry, and James concludes that it was Baden.

After an indeterminate amount of time passes, Sophie and James go out for dinner, and a visually battered Baden confronts her. He gives her a flash drive before James sees him and the two fight.

Sophie watches the video on the flash drive, which shows her on the ferry and proves that she jumped and wasn't pushed. Sophie then goes to Baden's apartment and finds him dead.

Sophie tells James about the video, and he continues to blame Baden and tells her that his death was not their fault.


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Surface Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

If you even think about lying to us, you should know that I watch a ton of fucking drug shows, so I know how to fuck a guy up, alright!

Harrison [to Todd]

James: Does this meeting have anything to do with a cop who was in our driveway yesterday? Is he the one who tipped off SCU?
Sophie: You know who he is?
James: Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.