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Luke Roman arrives at a house for sale by owner during a cracking thunderstorm looking a little bit like the exorcist.

A woman is inside a home reading Surgeons & Anatomy during the same story freaking herself out when she sees herself in the book's photos. The next time, it's a surgeon who looks back at her with a leering gaze. Suddenly, her fireplace goes beserk and she runs to the front door to find Luke standing outside.

She's never been so happy to see someone and throws her arms around him. He already knows about the house, and he's here to help.

The owner is Megan Donovan, and they visit a diner where Luke introduces her to haunted houses. He's got a lot to say, but she wants to believe that it might have been the wine and medical books.

But Luke is all about protecting property so that sellers retain value on their investments.

Megan's boyfriend, Brock, is a real winner type.

Luke meets with his team about the house. A woman named Susan joins them and gets introduced to Father Orley, the title guy, August Ripley, the IT guy (who spouts quotes), and Zooey, the office manager.

Overall, it's not a warm reception.

Luke gets a call from Megan because her fiance is skeptical and things look different in the light of day, but the light of day can fool you.

There was a fire at Susan's previous employer. She thinks she knows the business by understanding they are a specialty team and get above asking. She doesn't know about the stigmatized properties.

Luke returns with news that Megan fired them and that it's the norm. She's not sure what to think. Luke has a brief keynote presentation that lays out the details.

Susan seems highly skeptical as Luke runs down how important their job is to the people whose lives are affected. He says she can always go back, but she reveals that she had an affair with her boss, and when he renewed his vows with his wife, he fired Susan. She has nowhere else to go.

They visit a new home that could use their services. Rita Weiss is already there, the standing agent. She's got a nasty mouth.

Father Orley cannot find documents on the house before 1987, and since it's over 100 years old, that's kind of strange.

August photographs the house to find a whole bunch of spirits hanging out on the grounds.

At the other house, Rita thinks they've got a classic poltergeist. Luke cannot figure it out though given the age of the home and the fact there aren't any land calamities desecrating the ground.

But, soon enough, the house speaks back to them with things taking flight. Luke takes a call while it's happening, and leaves Susan in control.

Luke has to visit Megan with what they learned about her house. There was no record of the house being built. Instead, it's as if it's always been here.

They need to run some tests. Father Orley and August arrive to do it.

Luke is at the batting cages taking out his stress on some balls. He gives her tips on how to fix the problem. Find out what unfinished business is in the house and fix it. She wants him to open up.

He was raised by a single dad and the cages were his place. They used to go a couple of times a week, but he's passed away now. Luke says they're still in touch.

Luke needs Susan to handle the other house, and he reminds her not to rule out the rational explanation. She's praying for it.

Megan reveals there is a door in the basement they haven't opened yet, and Father Orley braves the darkness to get it.

With his groovy goggles, August sees everything, and the spirits aren't pleasant. There's a murderer on the stairs covered in blood and carrying a knife.

Downstairs, Father Orley runs into the spirit of a German Shepherd with gleaming red eyes who tries to attack him.

Father Orley says the ME level is coming in at a five. And, it turns out that the dog followed him home. Can he keep him?

Rita is upset with Susan. The poltergeist is not good. Another family dinner left them assaulted by the house.

Megan is angry that Brock isn't home again. She's swilling wine from the bottle because she's scared to death. A spirit walks behind her.

Susan visits Herb in the hospital. She wonders if the clock did anything before the attack. Yes. It shook just a tiny bit. Lauren is talking on the phone in the hospital, leaving her sister to cry unheeded. Susan witnesses the baby get her doll from the floor.

Megan is watching TV in bed when the scary man comes on the TV. She shuts it off and lays back to find herself in a horror movie. She's on the operating table in a surgical theater of the 1800s, and her fight to escape thrills the onlookers.

Luke arrives to her sitting on the steps. She's got another bottle of wine in hand. He offers to either take her inside or to a hotel. She needs to know she can trust him, and he assures her that he can.

When he turns around to look at the house, he sees the windows full of people.

In the morning, Megan is covering her chest where there is a scabbed wound. Luke admits he's been watching her house for a while. When a neighbor went to complain about the weeds, she entered and was never seen again. It was his mother. She had just moved back to town.

He went to see Megan's grandfather to see if he could do some tests, but he was turned away. As Megan swills another wine which is ridiculously expensive, Luke's ears perk up at the notion grandfather was adding a wine cellar to the house when he got sick.

Susan realizes that it's Lauren who is tossing things around the house because she cannot see her boyfriend as she wants. It turns out that Susan had telekinesis as a teen and set things on fire.

Luke and Megan take a pork chop down to appease the dog so that they can visit the wine cellar. Megan drops the pork chop on the floor, worried that it's dusty.

There is a hole in the ground with voices calling Megan to join them. An arm grabs her by the neck and tries to pull her in, but Luke beats it away.

They escape the room when the pork chop wears off, but Luke thinks he's closed the portal. The dog should move on when the spirits abate. But what about his mother, Megan wonders.

Susan needs to know how Luke found out about her telekinesis and the fires. Research. But she doesn't believe in ghosts.

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SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Megan: I don't believe in ghosts.
Luke: Neither do I. I just work with them.

A stigmatized property is one whose value has been affected by unfortunate occurrences -- ragic events associated with the property, including but not limited to murder, suicide, even accidental death or the perception, either real or imagined, of any residual unpleasantness related to said unfortunate occurrences.