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Even though Sandra playing the idol had no impact on the vote, Russell is still annoyed that he didn’t know about it and let’s his feelings known back at camp.  Sandra challenges Russell’s assertion that she lied to him about having the idol.  Frustrated, Russell takes his aggression out on Parvati, accusing her of knowing that Sandra had the idol and thus lying to him when she said she wasn’t aware.

Russell boils over and tells Jerri and Colby that if Parvati doesn’t win immunity, she’s going home.  The next morning, he tells the confessional that if Colby doesn’t win immunity, he’s going home.  

The immunity challenge is one that Parvati is familiar with from Survivor: China – balancing a growing stack of plates on a platform.  Sandra, Jerri and Russell fall out quickly, leaving Parvati and Colby to duke it out, with the other allegedly going home.  Parvati manages to outlast the former king of challenges and win immunity.

Back at camp, Colby feigns giving up and tells the tribe that he’d just like to enjoy his final afternoon without scrambling.  Shortly after his speech, he approaches Russell with a plea to get rid of Sandra instead of him.  Also argues that he could help beat Parvati in the next immunity challenge.  Russell contemplates the idea, but doesn’t take the bait and Colby is sent home.

The remaining four survivors, all Villains, partake in the Rites of Passage – collecting masks of their fallen, former tribe mates and reminiscing about their effect on the game.  After burning the masks, Russell, Sandra, Parvati and Jerri compete in the final immunity challenge.  They are placed in the Survivor maze and have to collect four medallions and return to the finish while blind folded.  In one of the best finishes ever, Russell literally edges out Jerri by less than a second with Parvati only a second behind those two to win immunity.

Russell confides in Sandra that he’s taking her to the final because he thinks he can beat her, but isn’t sure whether sending Jerri or Parvati home is the right move.  Jerri feels that Parvati should be sent home because she’s been such a great player and will get votes.  Parvati, meanwhile, lobbies that Sandra will get votes and Russell should pay attention to her.  In the end, Russell decides to vote for Jerri and Parvati and Sandra vote with him.

With no immunity or reward challenges left to compete in and no lobbying of the remaining survivors necessary, the final three relax and enjoy their last breakfast.  Russell spends the time trying to intimidate Parvati and Sandra by saying how much better he is than the girls.  They’re unfazed and Sandra decides to burn Russell’s hat as retribution.  

The final tribal council begins with opening statements from the final three.  Sandra highlights her focus to keep her torch lit night after night, despite basically playing by herself.  Russell tries to play to the strategy side of the jury and asks them to reward him for being so effective in getting himself to the end.  Parvati talks about how she used Russell as a means to an end and ultimately, he rewarded her for it by taking her to the final three.

The jury is angry with Russell for his arrogance and constantly reminds him of their discontent with the way he played the game.  Colby calls him delusional.  Coach challenges Russell’s arrogance.  JT sarcastically ask Russell how he’s done in getting jury votes.  Danielle is shocked when Russell says he wouldn’t change his strategy.  Candice accuses him of dirty and unnecessary lies.  

Parvati and Sandra fair a bit better when facing the jury’s wrath.  Coach and Rupert are effusive in their praise for how she played the game both strategically and in the challenges.  Sandra gets a boost from Courtney who uses her opportunity to address the final contestants as an opportunity for Sandra to highlight her loyalty.  Rupert reveals that he made a mistake not listening to Sandra and thanks her for trying anyway.

Despite Russell’s plea that how you get to the end of the game should not matter, he does not receive a single vote.  Perhaps affected by her relationship with Russell, Parvati only gets three and Sandra shocks the Survivor world again receiving six of the nine jury votes and winning Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

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Survivor Season 20 Episode 14 Quotes

Russell's running around, stomping his feet like a little two-year old child that got his toy taken away.


When I find an idol, I should hurry up and tell you?

Sandra (to Russell)