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Immediately after voting off Boston Rob, the belly aching about a poor decision is already beginning – from the people who voted Rob off!  Coach rants on about how his entire tribe were cowards for voting off Rob while Jerri laments that she misses the Bostonite already.  

Over at the Heroes camp, JT defies the tribe’s initial plan of searching for and using the immunity idol together and goes off on his own to find it.  Although he manages to find the idol by himself, he can’t get away from the area where everyone knows it is without being caught by Amanda.  He tries to keep the secret between the two of them, but encounters Candice on his way back to camp and the gig is up.  Sensing that he’ll be vilified for keeping the idol secret, JT reveals his find to the entire tribe

The Villains receive the clue for the reward challenge and suspect that they’re going to merge at the challenge.  They break down their entire camp and bring it with them to the challenge, but Jeff disappoints them by breaking the news that the tribes are not merging.  After the shock of not merging wears off, the tribes compete in the reward challenge: Survivor bowling.  Although he competed in the challenge on his season, Survivor: Samoa, he can’t help the Villains from getting swept in the challenge.

Back at the Villains camp, the tribe is seething from Coach’s decision to sit Courtney and Sandra because he wanted to have the best team possible to win the reward.  The tribe feels they’ve compromised their ability to win the immunity challenge because the two weakest players must now participate.  

The immunity challenge pits pairs of teammates tied together as they go over and under obstacles through a mud pit.  Although the Villains avoid getting swept this time, Sandra and Courtney perform poorly in both of their heats and instantly become the subject of Danielle’s ire.  She is tired of having them bring their tribe down and swears to vote Courtney off.

However, back at camp Danielle runs into difficulty convincing Russell to make the tribe stronger by voting off the weak because his mind is set on getting rid of Coach.  In an effort to save herself and Courtney, Sandra lied to Russell about Coach wanting to get rid of him because she knew it would infuriate him.  Despite continued disagreements and flipping between Russell, Danielle and Parvati, Sandra’s plan eventually works and Coach is sent home.

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Survivor Season 20 Episode 8 Quotes

Big time Boston Rob, the super all-star. He ain't nothing on me.


I knew I picked the right guy"

Parvati (to Russell)