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The tribe is going through a lot of tension after the confrontation between Danielle and Russell and tribal council and her subsequent ouster.  Parvati and Sandra are really confused about what happened at tribal council, but Jerri reveals that she switched her vote to Danielle because of Russell’s threats.  Parvati and Russell each express distrust for the other.  Parvati is worried about Russell because of how manipulative he’s been while Russell fears Parvati because she’s nervous.

Prior to the reward challenge, the survivors are teased with video messages on a cell phone from their loved ones.  They learn that they will be competing with their loved ones in the reward challenge for the right to spend additional time together.  The challenge consists of the survivors collecting water from the ocean and literally throwing the water to their loved ones who are trying to catch it and fill a bucket. 

After Jerri and her father win the challenge, the real drama begins.  She is told that she will be sent to another island to enjoy lunch and watch the famous Samoan blow holes.  The wrinkle is that she gets to take someone with her.  Jerri immediately chooses Parvati, but asks if she can take someone else.  She shocks Russell by not selecting him, but Sandra instead.

Back at camp, Russell is fuming that Jerri did not take her on the reward after how he has protected her for the majority of the season.  Despite his anger, he’s able to put that aside and focus on the game.  Believing that Parvati is the only player who can compete with him to win, Russell decides that she’s got to go home and enlists Rupert and Colby’s help in doing so.  For the tie-splitting vote, Russell feels that he can get Jerri on board to vote with them against Parvati.

Everything goes awry for Russell’s plan to vote out Parvati after she outlasts Rupert in the immunity challenge.  Faced with holding poles up with the backs of their hands, Rupert provides a good challenge for Parvati, but can’t hold on as long.  Sensing that he no longer has a play with Colby and Rupert, Russell decides that he has to go back with the girls again and vote Rupert off.

Before he’s able to communicate anything with his fellow former Villains, Sandra talks to Rupert about how they can get rid of Russell.  Trying to stir the pot, Rupert immediately tells Russell Sandra’s scheming and he immediately challenges Sandra.  Though she defies his challenge of whether she’s with him or against him, she’s still able to laugh off the incident. 

At tribal council, Rupert tries anything he can to appeal to Russell’s desire to vote off a Villain, likely Sandra.  Not to be out witted, Sandra continues to challenge Rupert and Russell’s true intentions.  Nevertheless, the decision seems to have been made long ago and Rupert is sent home with Colby the only person voting with him.

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Survivor Season 20 Episode 13 Quotes

Russell's the biggest Villain this game has ever seen.


It was a wonderful tribal council once again for me!