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After losing Jill at last week’s tribal council, Marty confessed that he was a “dead man walking.”  No sooner did he think he was in trouble that he and the entire La Flor tribe learned that they were merging.  Marty’s tune changed immediately.  “I’m ecstatic,” he said.  “Back in the saddle again.”

At the Espada camp, the former Espada tribe members prepared camp for the arrival of company, as their tree mail implored them.  Also left at tree mail was a large chest with the instructions not to open it until the key arrived.  When the old La Flor tribe arrived with the key with them, the new tribe tore into the chest to enjoy the traditional merge feast.  

With the twelve remaining tribe members all in the same camp, old rivalries were renewed and new friendships formed.  Chase and Jane finally spent some time together and bonded over their similar home state, North Carolina.  Meanwhile the original La Flor alliance of Brenda, Sash and NaOnka return to their quest to eliminate Alina.

Despite having her old friends in camp, NaOnka turns on all of the remaining tribe members when they do not leave her enough food after she cooks it.  Furious with the lack of courteousness, NaOnka steals food and equipment to cook her own food and invites Alina along with her.

The two enjoy a few pieces of fruit, but are unable to cook anything hot when the tribe quickly realizes how much stuff is missing.  Holly, who saw NaOnka take flour earlier in the day, questions why she put flour in her pack and if she brought it back.  NaOnka tries to lie about the flour, but the tribe sees right through her.  Chase and Alina convince her to come clean about stealing food before someone finds out she lied.

Putting the drama of camp behind them, the newly merged tribe participated in their initial individual immunity challenge.  With immunity available to the last remaining female and male, the castaways had to keep a long metal rod from breaking their tile using a pair of metal holders.  Jane easily outlasted the other females and decided to stay in the game with the males as well.  Jud outlasted the other males, but not Jane who hung in the entire time as well.

After tribal council, Alina seemed to be the main target to be sent home at tribal council.  However, Jane reveals a deep, personal vendetta against Marty and tries to lobby the women to vote against Marty.  The plan eventually makes its way to Marty and chaos ensues.  With Alina already lobbying hard to stay, Marty joins the fray and the remaining ten castaways are flustered by the action.  Despite Jane’s best efforts, ten of the twelve votes go to Alina. 

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 8 Quotes

Guys...uncle Fabio's got some tree mail!


The vultures are definitely circling. Dead man walking.