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At the start of the second episode of Survivor: Nicaragua an eccentric player is causing tension on each tribe.  For Espada, Holly seems to be losing her cool after she turned on her friend Wendy at the last tribal council.  After an awkward interaction with Jill over the viability of eating snails, Holly boils over when she catches the rest of the tribe talking about and making fun of her.  Her inner villain comes out and she takes Dan’s $1,600 alligator skin shoes and sinks them into the ocean.  In a shocking twist, she quickly confesses her sin to a stunned Dan and the rest of the Espada tribe.

Things are not much rosier over at La Flor as the younger tribe starts to deal with NaOnka’s wild personality.  NaOnka starts out the day annoyed that no one has come to talk to her about strategy and only gets more caustic when she asserts that someone on her tribe stole a sock of hers.  She decides that reasonable retribution is to take the first pair of socks she sees – Jud’s extras.  When Jud finds out what has happened he and NaOnka boil over, something that will be witnessed later in the episode.

The two tribes manage to put aside their difference, at least for a few hours, to compete in this week’s reward and immunity challenge.  Each tribe will have four members dive through a mud pit and then find a ball hidden in a haystack.  Once all four balls have been retrieved, the remaining four members will toss the balls to each other using only shields, ultimately tossing the four balls into a barrel to win the challenge.  

The Medallion of Power this week gives the tribe that chooses the advantage of starting the challenge with one ball already in the barrel.  Espada, the older tribe, wastes little time in deciding to use the medallion and it proves much needed.  La Flor is able to make up the ground through the mud pit and the hay stacks, but behind by a ball heading into the shield tossing portion of the challenge, they can not make up the deficit and Espada wins immunity and reward (fishing gear).

Facing their first tribal council, the La Flor tribe almost immediately splits into two factions.  The first group is led by Shannon who wants to vote out Brenda and is joined by Chase, Alina, Kelly B. and Jud.  The other half of the tribe is led by Brenda who, not surprisingly, wants to remove Shannon.  She’s joined by Kelly S., Sash, NaOnka and Benry.  The tribe seems to be set for a 5-5 voting split, but the wrinkle heading into tribal council is that Chase is very close with Brenda and might switch sides.

Shannon’s frustration with Chase’s flip flopping between their alliance and Chase’s with Brenda explodes at tribal council when he threatens Chase that if he doesn’t vote out Brenda, he’ll be the next to go.  Despite pleading from his tribemates, things get much uglier at tribal council when Shannon accuses Chase of being two-faced and questions Sash’s sexuality.  Unfortunately for Shannon, his aggressive disposition did not sit well with his tribemates and he’s voted off.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelly S: I have never gone so long without showering or brushing my teeth.
Jud: I have.

I would like to show these people I can kick their ass on Survivor.