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With one member having been removed from each tribe, both La Flor and Espada are having social difficulties as players from each tribe target each other.  For La Flor, NaOnka is annoyed at the remnants of Shannon’s alliance – Jud, Alina and Kelly B.  She wants to see Alina removed the next chance they get to put fear into Jud and Kelly B.  Things are a little bit more pleasant at Espada.  Although Danny is concerned that his tribe sees him as a liability, Marty buoys the tribe’s spirits by revealing that he found the hidden immunity idol. 

This week’s challenge is for both immunity and reward with the winning tribe receiving a Survivor garden of fruits, vegetables and spices along with being safe from tribal council. For the challenge the tribes must collect ten barrels from a field and place them in a triangle formation before throwing bags of sand on to each of the barrels.  Boldly, La Flor decides not to use the Medallion of Power and wins the challenge anyway on the strength of Benri’s throwing.

Despite winning the challenge, all is not well for La Flor.  While receiving their reward, both NaOnka and Kelly B. head straight for the fruit basket suspecting that a clue to the idol might be located in it.  They both notice the clue and upon returning to camp wrestle with each other for control of clue.  NaOnka wins and runs off on her own to try and decipher the clue.

At the Espada camp, Marty is actively campaigning for Jimmy Johnson’s removal because he fears what his impact will be later on the game.  The only other person that seems to be an option is Danny because of his obvious physical weakness.  Nevertheless, as Jimmy Johnson admits at tribal council, he’s the oldest competitor and one of the weakest and is unanimously voted out by his tribe. 

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 3 Quotes

Coming back from tribal council was so fake. Faker than faux fur.


Regardless of if [Shannon] thinks it or not, I think we got rid of the right person.