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After a wild and unexpected tribal council where NaOnka and Kelly S quit, Sash wound up in a seemingly unenviable position of having no allies.  However, Sash also had a hidden immunity idol and found himself in a good position between two three person alliances.  Sash made his intentions quite clear to Chase, Jane and Holly and Dan, Jud and Benry: his vote, the swing vote, was for sale.

The reward challenge was a pseudo-redux of different aspects of previous challenges.  For the first portion of the challenge the survivors had to race on their belly through a mud pit, dig through a ball of hay to find a ball to then bounce off a shield into a barrel.  The second leg of the challenge had the four remaining competitors using a long stick to retrieve a key which opened a box containing four sand bags which needed to be thrown on top of a barrel.  The final remaining two competitors had to dig up three rope rings with a shovel and toss them on to three targets.

Chase defeated Benry in the finals and was faced with a difficult decision.  The reward sent the winner and two selected guests to a private resort where they shared a meal, a shower and a comfortable bed for the night before returning to camp.  Before the challenge, Chase told Sash that, after Holly, he was next in line to go on a reward.  However, when it came time to choose who came with him, Chase went with his alliance, Holly and Jane.

Stung by Chase’s betrayal, Sash returned back to camp with Benry, Jud and Dan and the trio immediately went to work on getting Sash to vote with their block.  Jud begins by making fun of Chase’s choice not to take Sash on the reward.  Sash responds by asking the trio about their intentions, but Dan is not too receptive to Sash’s style, feeling as if they’re being threatened. 

When Chase returns form camp after the reward, he immediately scrambles with Sash attempting damage control.  Sash admits that he was a little surprised that Chase did not choose him, but the pair buries the hatchet.  Meanwhile Benry recognizes that Sash has basically made his choice and it does not involve him.  He lobbies Sash and Chase to go after Jud, hoping just to get through one more tribal. 

The two part immunity challenge had the survivors attached to a rope wrapped around a hitching post.  As they untangled themselves, the first three people who gathered enough rope to make it to the finish line and retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces advanced.  Benry, Jud and Sash advanced to the final round which had the remaining three putting together a difficult puzzle of gold coin pieces.  As Jud and Benry struggled, Sash gained the upper hand and won the challenge.

More scrambling from Benry and Jud took place back at camp before tribal council, but it seems Sash and his new alliance had made their decision.  After duping Benry into believing that Jud was who they were going out, they voted out Benry instead.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 12 Quotes

Holly: Look how skinny you are?
Jane: I'm like a rack of bones.

Overnight massages with the two oldest ladies left in Survivor.