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After Marty’s unexpected attack on Jane at tribal council last week the lines have been drawn in the sand between the two former tribemates.  The tribe is angry with Marty for his shots at the oldest remaining woman, but Marty is undeterred and continues to go after Jane.  He concocts a plan to fake a vote on NaOnka to flush an idol while voting for Jane instead and tries to sell the plan to Dan and Benry.

For the reward challenge, the tribe was split in to two random teams to compete for a zip line ride through the Nicaraguan jungle followed by a bar-b-q lunch.  Although the teams were divided randomly, they happened to split along gender lines.  However, with an uneven number of participants, Chase was left out of the challenge and had to pick a team to win in order to join them in the reward.  Unfortunately for Chase, he chose the wrong side, the women.

On a “date for the boys” as Benry called it, the guys minus Chase enjoyed their literal rides through the Nicaraguan jungle.  At the bar-b-q, Marty wasted no time sharing his plan with his fellow challenge winners.  Dan, Benry and Jud were on board immediately, but Sash was a bit more skeptical.  He acknowledged the value in Marty’s plan, but remained privately uncommitted.

Back at camp the women and Chase used the boys’ win to fuel their hatred for Marty.  With Jane leading the charge, Holly, Kelly S, NaOnka and Chase were on board.  Brenda, however, remained elusive in agreeing to the plan.  Similar to Sash, she wanted to confer with her partner in crime and bristled when Chase pressured her for an answer.

After Brenda easily bested Marty in the finals of a memory-based immunity challenge, the men wasted no time implementing their plan.  Benry and Jud quietly indicated they were voting for NaOnka.  Marty and Dan went to work on trying to convince Chase to vote for NaOnka.  Sash revealed the guys’ plan to Brenda moments after an impatient Marty talked to her.  

The response was not what Marty, Jud and Benry wanted.  Chase immediately suspected that the over zealousness over NaOnka was a ruse to get her to play the immunity idol and vote out Jane.  Brenda, with Sash in agreement, was not prepared to agree to Marty’s plan on the principle that they were in charge, not Marty.  Even despite a melt down from NaOnka at tribal council, Marty was sent home, much to his surprise.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 9 Quotes

[Marty's] just waiting for the hatchet man to cut that rope and he's gonna be hung.


[Marty's] throwing punches, but [Jane] can't block