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Stunned by Marty’s ouster at the previous tribal council, chatter immediately begins between those who were blindsided by Sash and Brenda’s plan to get rid of one of them.  Two of the more stunned players, Holly and Benry, start a conspiracy to overthrow the self appointed queen of Survivor: Nicaragua, Brenda.  With the seed planted, most of the remaining players start talking about trying to get rid of Brenda.

At the reward challenge the ten remaining survivors are split in to two teams of five and instructed to try and cross a sand pit using only four barrels, two pieces of wood and a ten foot length of rope.  Leading the blue team, Chase comes up with a simple and efficient plan to get his team across.  Led by Brenda and Sash, the yellow team struggles to get very far at all.

For their efforts at the reward challenge, Chase, Kelly S, Jud, Jane and NaOnka were lifted by helicopter to the top of an active volcano.  Once out of the helicopter the winning group “volcano surfed” into the valley of the casino where they enjoyed a picnic.  Talk quickly turned to the craziness of camp life, but before much conversation could take place, NaOnka pulled Jud aside to tell him of the plan to remove Brenda.

The immunity challenge was one of the most difficult yet forcing the remaining survivors to dangle themselves over a water pool.  The length of the rope increased as time expired making the challenge more difficult.  The usual suspects quickly dropped out leaving Jud, Benry, Chase and Jane to battle it out for the immunity necklace.  After Jud and Benry dropped out, Chase tried to convince Jane that he was in it for the long haul and to drop out.  Jane considered quitting, but was convinced to stay in, effectively calling Chase’s bluff as he fell off.

After the immunity challenge, chaos reigns at camp.  Holly thinks she can trust Chase, but he quickly runs to Brenda with the plan to get rid of her.  NaOnka tries to talk Sash into jumping in on the Brenda vote, but he too immediately goes to Brenda with the plan.  Brenda professes at tribal council that she was above doing any scrambling, but that she tried to appeal to her core alliance to help keep her in the game.  Perhaps she should have scrambled; even Sash voted her out of the game.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 10 Quotes

Something needs to change and it needs to change soon.


I think Sash and I being in control does look like a king and queen situation. But, Sash is more of a queen and I'm more of a king.