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Although his bold move at the previous tribal council worked in his favor, Marty was still not completely satisfied with what happened at tribal council.  Suspecting that Jane voted against him, Marty confronts one of his fellow ex-Espada members about her intentions, but she pleads the fifth when asked if she voted for him or not.  Despite Jane’s non answer, Marty is now convinced that Jane is not on his side and he and Jill know their neck will be on the line if they lose the immunity challenge.

For the reward challenge the tribes competed in one-on-one battles where one tribe member leaped off of a deck into a pool while trying to throw a ball into a goal defended by the other tribe.  For Espada, Chase was a slightly better defender than Jud for La Flor, but the difference was Espada’s Benry, who had two goals himself.  For their efforts, Espada won a horseback ride to a local Nicaraguan farm and a freshly cooked breakfast feast.  

The immunity challenge pitted the tribe’s ability to manipulate a steep cannonball shoot to hit the other team’s targets.  While La Flor struggled with Brenda and Kelly S’s challenge leadership and aim, the Espada tribe rallied behind Benry’s growing challenge pedigree.  

Prior to heading to tribal council for the second straight week, Sash strikes a deal with Marty where if Marty gives him the idol, Sash promises that Marty will be safe at the next two tribal councils.  Recognizing that, no matter what, he’ll be giving the idol to someone – Jeff or Sash – Marty decides to put his eggs into Sash’s basket, not knowing that Sash was plotting to double cross him.  However, despite earlier conversations between Sash and Brenda, they do not send Marty packing, but keep their word to Marty and Jill is sent home. 

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm a farm girl and farm girls have a strong heart and strong will.


Reward was for a horseback ride and breakfast and you get to milk your own milk, I guess. I don't know if that makes sense.

Kelly S