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The nine remaining survivors got little respite after a dramatic tribal council, returning to camp for a brutal evening of cold wind and rain.  A partially melted tarp and low food has taken a toll on all of the survivors, but NaOnka and Kelly S are entertaining thoughts of quitting.  Both have considered quitting in the past and changed their minds, but the consensus of the remaining seven players is that the pair is serious.

Before either player could quit the survivors were broken into two teams for a reward challenge.  The teams had to untie a large eight foot long, heavy stuff doll and maneuver the doll through a set of obstacles, all while tethered together.  The race between the blue and yellow team was tight throughout with multiple lead changes, but the team of Chase, NaOnka, Benry and Holly rallied from behind on the last obstacle to win.  Dan was the lone survivor not selected for the challenge, but he bet on the blue team and was invited to the reward for his faith.  

After the challenge, NaOnka interrupted Jeff to let him know that this day would be her last on Survivor.  Jeff asked if anyone else was interested in quitting and Kelly S expressed her interest in leaving the game as well.  Thoroughly disappointed with the mind set of NaOnka and Kelly S, Jeff decided to give the pair the afternoon to think about their decision before making it official at Tribal Council that night.

Knowing the difficulties that the tribe was experience after losing their food and tarp to the fire, Jeff presented an offer to the four survivors who won the reward.  If one of the players gave up their spot on the reward, the entire tribe would receive a new tarp and food for the remaining eleven days.  Although everyone expected NaOnka to give up her spot because she was quitting, she didn’t and Holly instead stepped up for the tribe and gave up the reward.

The Libertad tribe convened for an emergency tribal council in light of the statements of NaOnka and Kelly S.  Despite a pep talk for Kelly S from Holly before tribal council and words of encouragement from the tribe for NaOnka, both players followed up on their initial decision and left the game.  With two people eliminated, no vote was necessary at tribal council.

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Bitch, you made me look good.