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After Russell was unexpectedly voted out last week, his moment in the spotlight continued with his duel against Matt at Redemption Island.  The challenge that awaited both players involved stacking domino like pieces of wood on a multi-slanted track.  Matt took a shot at the dominos first, but fell short.  Unfortunately for Russell, he couldn’t take advantage as his stack also fell short.  With second life, Matt was able to defeat Russell and send him home.

While Phillip and Christina were away from the Ometepe tribe, Boston Rob concocts a plan to get his tribe away from camp so that he can search for the idol.  While his tribe is far away from camp enjoying a beach day, Rob excuses himself to use the bathroom and instead runs back to camp to search for the idol.  After 20 minutes, Rob finds the idol and returns to the beach day and his tribe mates do not suspect a thing.

For the immunity challenge, the two tribes competed in a pseudo-relay race that involved using tools to complete stages of the race to advance further.  Rob faced off against Ralph using a crowbar to open a box and release a shovel.  Ralph finished faster than Rob and passed the shovel off to Julie who dug up the ax needed to chop through a piece of rope and release two saws.  With a significant advantage, Ralph easily beat Rob again allowing Steve and Mike to saw though the wood planks.  Stephanie and Sarita needed every second of the lead to construct the bridge and release the hammer to finish the challenge.

Having lost their third out of four challenges, Ometepe was headed to tribal council once again.  The two odd members out were Phillip and Christina with each member lobbying for the other to go home.  Fearing that Christina might have found the idol, the dominant alliance decides to split the votes between Christina and Phillip.  After an uneventful tribal council, Christina is voted out over Phillip, four to three.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 4 Quotes

My tribe they gonna come here one at a time, I'm gonna pick 'em off and I'm gonna make 'em suffer.


Russell Hantz just walked in to my camp. I figured I'd see him sooner or later.