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Tensions run high back at the Zapatera camp after David voted with the outgoing Stephanie against Sarita.  Steve tries to restore harmony within the tribe by getting Sarita and David to kiss and make up, but David’s not interested.  The more Sarita tries to extend an olive branch, the harder David slaps it out of her hand.

Things are equally disharmonious at the Ometepe tribe with Philip sensing a lack of respect from his five tribe mates.  After a disagreement over a meal, Philip feels squeezed by Boston Rob’s presence and vows to eliminate Rob the first chance that he gets.

Despite their apparent disagreement, Boston Rob goes to the latest Redemption Island match with Philip, joining David and Ralph from Zapatera for the viewing.  Matt and the recently voted off Stephanie pit off in a game of memory with the first to five advancing on.  Matt takes an early lead with some good guessing and Stephanie wastes some late opportunities to get back in to the game.  Before leaving, however, Stephanie got in plenty of shots at Sarita (not present) and warned Boston Rob of her tribe’s motives.

After the dramatic scene at Redemption Island, tensions are flying high back at camp and people worry about who will flip when the tribes merge.  For Ometepe, Boston Rob is worried about Philip flipping and plants the idea within the rest of the tribe.  At the Zapatera camp, David is overly defensive of Stephanie which causes concern with his remaining tribe members.

For the challenge the tribes must maneuver through an obstacle course collecting bags of balls along the way.  Once all of the balls have been collected and the entire tribe has finished the course all six balls from the three bags must be tossed in to a hoop placed high in the air.  

Boston Rob gets Ometepe out to an early lead by deftly collecting the bag of balls, but falls behind at the second set of balls.  Ometepe closes the gap at the third set of balls, but Zapatera still completes the course first.  Zapatera builds and early lead throwing the balls in to the hoop, but Grant gets all six balls in to the hoop for Ometepe, rallying the tribe to victory.

Ometepe’s reward for winning the challenge, besides not going to tribal council, is a helicopter ride to the top of an active volcano followed by a picnic lunch.  When the tribe sits down to enjoy lunch, Boston Rob once again finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol, this time without anyone noticing.  Rather than reading the clue, Boston Rob throws the clue in to the volcano because he has the idol.

The division between Sarita and David continues to grow and the debate goes on over whether to keep David’s strength or Sarita’s loyalty.  Sarita lobbies for her place in the tribe, but David decides to play it quiet.  After not bringing her things to tribal council, Sarita is stunned when she’s sent home and David is spared.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 7 Quotes

Philip wanted to go to the duel. He's not allowed to go without a chaperone. I gotta baby sit his ass for the day.

Boston Rob

I don't trust you, but I have no problems with you.