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Even though the situation at the Murlonio camp appears cut and dry with the former Ometepes systematically eliminate the ex-Zapateras, Steve, Ralph and Julie manage to create some controversy at camp simply by having more rice than the other half of the Murlonio tribe.  When Andrea and Phillip notice maggots in their rice, ask to share rice containers with Zapatera and are rejected by Steve, Phillip becomes immediately incredulous.  

Interrupting the rice war between Steve and Phillip is the first post-merge duel which is really a trial because it is between Matt, Mike and the recently departed David.  The trio faces off in a challenge where finishing first has no bonus, but finishing last means being sent home.  Using wooden “cards” the castaways have to build a six-foot tall house of cards to advance.  Mike and Matt easily out pace David to stay in the game.

Back at camp the argument between Phillip and Steve continues to escalate.  Steve calls Phillip crazy and Phillip interprets the comment in a racially sensitive way.  Believing that Steve is only calling him crazy because he’s African-American, Phillip goes off on the former football player.  The tension remains high at camp the rest of the day and Phillip’s own alliance members begin to contemplate his value.

The immunity challenge breaks the tension as the nine castaways vie for a guaranteed spot in the final eight.  For the first part of the challenge the survivors have to spin off the base of a puzzle before completing the fairly simple puzzle.  Steve, Rob, Julie, Andrea, Ralph and Grant are the first six finishers advancing to the final round where a much larger and more complex puzzle awaits.  In desperate need of immunity, Steve comes very close to finishing, but is edged out by Boston Rob.

Back at camp the tension between Phillip and Steve remains high and Steve tries to lobby the other ex-Ometepes to get rid of Phillip.  Unfortunately for the three remaining Zapateras, Steve’s plea falls on deaf ears.  Fortunately for Steve, they Ometepe alliance targeted Julie, not Steve, and the last remaining Zapatera female is sent to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 10 Quotes

Redemption Island, Part 2, let's do it. And then, curveball.


I haven't really figured Philip out. I can't figure out how anyone can be that strange.