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At Redemption Island Matt and Krista enjoy a few bonding moments over their shared religious faith.  However, any friendship that’s developed has to be put aside when the two face off in a duel.  For the challenge the pair had to use a grappling hook to grab three bags and then remove a ball from the bag and complete a pivoting table maze.  Krista went three for three with the grappling hook, but Matt is able to complete the table maze faster and avoid elimination.

After the duel, things blow up at the Ometepe camp when Philip goes off on Ashley and Natalie for not doing any work around camp.  The trio continues to bicker until Boston Rob decides to step in and play peace maker so the tribe does not fall apart.  Rob commiserates with Philip’s frustrating that the younger girls do not work hard, but appeals to his sense of team and need to recognize the importance of unity.

Things are only slightly more harmonious at the Zapatera tribe where Stephanie tries to figure out how to avoid being the next person sent to Redemption Island.  David approaches her and notes that he believes the tribe is stronger with her over Sarita, but that she needs to try and mend fences with her tribe.  Stephanie starts the process by apologizing to Steve, who is unsure what her motives for doing so are.

For the Immunity/Reward challenge, two shooters from each tribe alternate shooting balls at four pairings of one Ometepe member and one Zapatera member.  The players in the field have to try to catch the fired balls with lacrosse-like sticks.  Ometepe gets out to a quick lead with Natalie continuing to find Grant.  Zapatera can not get on the board and Boston Rob actually steals one of their balls for a commanding 4-0 lead.  Grant finishes off the 5-0 domination the following round.

While enjoying their reward, Grant notices a clue to the hidden immunity idol and grabs it with only Boston Rob noticing.  The pair tries to walk off to read the clue, but Philip catches them in the act and demands to see what they’re doing.  Scorned from being left out, Philip vows revenge when the opportunity presents itself.

David continues to lobby for Stephanie both prior to and at Tribal Council, but his plea falls on deaf ears as Stephanie is sent home.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm their red-headed step child.


If I go to Redemption Island before Natalie and Ashley, there's something wrong with this game.