Andrea’s blindside at least week’s tribal council leads to an awkward reunion for her with Matt on Redemption Island.  Her reception isn’t exactly warm with the ex-Zapateras uninterested in making space for her in the shelter.  Matt, meanwhile, starts a war of words with her over why he was sent home.

After an icy night (literally and figuratively) on Redemption Island, Andrea, Matt, Ralph and Mike face off in a dual.  Using a slider, the castaways have to complete a table maze.  Completing the maze releases the sliders which they use to break a tie and release a set of puzzle pieces.  The last one unable to finish the puzzle is sent to the jury.  

Ralph jumps out to an early lead, but struggles with the puzzle allowed the others to catch up.  Mike takes advantage of Ralph’s difficulty with the puzzle and finishes first.  Matt calmly finishes second while Andrea rebounds from early jitters and a last place finish in the maze to stave off elimination in third.  Despite finishing the maze first, Ralph is unable to solve the puzzle and joins the jury.

Back at the Murlonio camp the remaining five members are trying to figure out who will go next.  Boston Rob and Grant sense that Ashley might be gunning for one of them and want to break up her pairing with Natalie.  Ashley, meanwhile, believes she is a target and wants to do anything she can to put it on someone else and proposes a plan to get rid of Grant.  Ultimately Boston Rob seems to be able to convince Natalie that Ashley needs to be the next to go.

The reward challenge has the five remaining players using fish hooks to retrieve puzzle pieces used to assemble a vertical puzzle.  All with one hand tied behind their back.  Grant jumps out to an early lead, but struggles with the fish hooks after completing the first and second sections.  Boston Rob is known for his puzzle solving skills, but seems off being able to use just one hand.  Ashley takes advantage of their shortcomings and steals immunity.

Unable to vote for Ashley, Boston Rob faces a difficult decision on who to get rid of.  If he goes with Grant and ousts Natalie, he goes back on his often professed pledge to Natalie to take her to the end.  If he sticks with Natalie and Ashley and gets rid of Grant, he loses a good friend.   Ultimately Rob decides to stay with Natalie and Ashley and Phillip also vote out Grant.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 13 Quotes

I've had control in this game. I just need to keep control.

oston Rob

I love blindsides because, in an evil way, it's fun to see their reaction.