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Elyse’s ouster at last week’s tribal council does not sit well with Ozzy that evening who feels betrayed by his teammates.  The Survivor veteran throws an unlikely tantrum labeling himself a free agent and calling out his tribemates for being secretive.  When Dawn challenges Ozzy’s honesty he’s quick to reveal that he has the idol in order to “lay it all out on the table.”

At the Upolu tribe Brandon inadvertently stirs up trouble by going to look for the hidden immunity idol.  He finds the third clue which makes it fairly obvious where the idol is.  He confides in Coach and Albert that he found the clue and implores the pair to look with him for the idol.  This puts the pair in the difficult situation of having to look for the idol while already having it in order to keep Brandon from going nuts when he finds out they were keeping the discovery from him.

Anger and animosity continues to reign at Redemption Island where Christine shows cracks in her hard exterior with some waterworks prior to the challenge.  However, she recovers in time to win the game of Survivor shuffleboard and sent Elyse home.  Her attitude came back as well, as she flipped off Rick and Sophie when the pair tried to encourage her at the challenge.

This week’s immunity challenge was divided in to two stages.  For the first part three members of the team had to construct a wheelbarrow, navigate it through a winding course and collect coconuts along the way.  Once the coconuts had been deposited in to their respective reserve, the other three tribe members had break down the wheelbarrow and reconstruct it in to a sling shot.  Once built they would use the coconuts and slingshot to knock down targets.

With Rick and Brandon navigating the wheelbarrow, Upolu built a huge lead over Ozzy, Dawn, Cochrane and the struggling Savaii tribe.  However, when it came time to shooting the targets, Mikayla proved ineffective, unable to come very close to any of the targets.  Despite Coach’s insisting, she continued to participate allowing Savaii back in the challenge.  Jim completed the unlikely comeback and Upolu was sent to tribal council.

Prior to tribal council debate raged at the Upolu camp over the long term value of Edna vs. the short term value of Mikayla.  Coach and Brandon felt that Edna would always be loyal to Upolu, no matter what the numbers were at the merge.  Albert and Sophie argued that the tribe needed to win challenges first and Mikayla gave them a better chance to do that.  Rick found himself in the middle of this power struggle and decided to side with Edna, sending Mikayla to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 6 Quotes

Unfortunately, Brandon's a loose cannon.


I'm done playing the alliance way and I'm now what's called a free agent.