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The contestants are split into tribes, Upolo (Coach, Rick, Christine, Brandon, Albert, Edna, Mikayla, Sophie, and Stacey) and Savaii (Ozzie, Semhar, Elyse, Jim, John, Mark, Keith, Whitney, and Dawn).


The first reward challenge pits Ozzie against Coach.  The two dig up some sand and crawl under a log, before completing a pyramid puzzle with the help of their tribemates from the peanut gallery.  Ozzie wins reward for Savaii: food and fire.


Dawn feels old and cries a bit about it. Ozzie gives her a stone cold pep talk and she turns out alright.


Brandon Hantz decides that he is not telling the group that he is Russell's nephew, and goes fishing for the tribe.  Sophie claims she can tell he's hiding something.


The immunity challenge is a physical obstacle course, finishing with three contestants shooting coconuts into a bad like basketballs.  No thanks to Semhar's awful underhand inabilities, Savaii loses to Upolo.


Savaii has their vote down to Semhar, who was awful in the challenge, and John Cochran, who is weak and nerdy.  Semhar loses the vote 8-1 and heads to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 1 Quotes

If Dawn doesn't get it together, she very well could be going home.


This is Coach 3.0 and I'm here to win.