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The fireworks from last week’s tribal council carried over to tribal life at Upolu the following day.  Brandon attempts to apologize to Mikayla for the manipulative way he tried to get her voted out, but when Mikayla tries to get more of an explanation from Brandon he flips out.  Sensing he’s being attacked, Brandon takes the fight to the entire tribe, calling out Mikayla’s lack of an alliance.

Things calm down briefly when the tribes receive notice of the first duel at Redemption Island.  Coach ‘humbly begs’ his tribe to let him go because he wants to see Christine lose to Semhar.  Unfortunately for Coach, Christine wins the concentration/balancing challenge and Semhar is sent home.

At first glance, Savaii would appear to have the advantage in the immunity challenge with a large portion of it being water based, Ozzy’s specialty.  However, the water portion requires the help of the rest of the Savaii tribe and the fail to organize putting Upolu ahead.  This lead allows Coach to take his time using the grappling hook to pick up the banner puzzle pieces and easily solve the puzzle before Savaii can catch up.

After the challenge it is clear to Papa Bear and Cochran that one of them is going home, but the pair is not sure who.  Each is told that the other is being sent home and both outsiders are skeptical of what they’re hearing.  While Cochran chooses to believe what he’s told, Papa Bear doesn’t buy what he’s being sold and sets out to look for the idol.  He doesn’t find it, but fakes having it hoping to fool the tribe in to voting for Cochran.  Papa Bear oversells having the idol, his tribe does not believe him and he’s voted off.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 3 Quotes

Semhar: What's he like?
Christine: He's a bit, fat pain in the ass. He thinks he's King Farouk.

I think my tribe was not ready for someone who wanted to play the game right out of the box.