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Keith and Jim’s ouster in last week’s episode meant that this week started with a dual between the two of them and Ozzy, voted out the week before.  Unlike last season of Survivor, however, this dual would have just one winner, rather than one loser.  The competition pitted the contestant’s abilities to hold up two poles with the backs of their lands.  Although a slip by Ozzy made it interesting at the end, he ultimately outlasted Keith and Jim to stay in the game.  

Back and camp Dawn began to recognize the gravity of her situation and went to Cochrane to explain that she’ll do anything to stay in the game.   When the duo went to talk to Albert, he expressed both his interest in getting Cochrane farther than seventh and his willingness to make a move.  With five possible votes – Albert, Sophie, Cochrane, Dawn and Whitney – an opportunity to fracture the former Upolu tribe presented itself.

Before the fivesome could put their plan in motion, the Te Tuna tribe went to individual immunity.  In order to win individual immunity the survivors had to balance bowls of rice on top of their head while navigating two see-saws before dumping the rice in to a pendulum.  The first person to get enough rice in to their basket and raise their flag won.  Brandon got out to an early lead, but Sophie took a risk with an extremely large bowl of rice and was able to finish in three trips instead of four taking the victory.

Jeff informed the survivors that the next tribal council would have a twist to it.  Cochrane guessed that it meant back to back tribal councils and feared that if Dawn or Whitney won immunity before the second of the tribal councils, it could be his turn to go home.   He continued to work with Albert and Sophie to formulate a plan to prevent that from happening.  

Worried that his tribe was splintering, Coach gathered the former Upolu tribe before tribal council and effectively threatened anyone who tried to betray the alliance.  Whether his threats worked or they were afraid of the twist, Sophie, Albert and Cochrane backed off their plan of working with Dawn and Whitney and sent Dawn home.

As expected, immediately following tribal council was an immunity challenge and another tribal council.  At first the odds seemed good that Whitney would not win immunity, but she survived until it was just her and Sophie left.  Fortunately for the former Upolu alliance, Sophie outlasted Whitney and the alliance was able to vote out Whitney.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 10 Quotes

More blindsides happen than alliances sticking together.


[Upolu] is a cult unlike any I've seen before.