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After being voted out at the last tribal council Stacey’s time on Survivor did not last much longer.  Despite seeming in far more control at the duel challenge against Christine, a momentary lapse of concentration cost Stacey her Survivor life and she was sent home.  However, Stacey made sure to trash her former tribe in front of the two Savaii members before her time was through.

Although things seem contentious at the Upolu camp, unrest is far stronger in the Savaii tribe.  Upon learning that Stacey was voted out and that Coach is allegedly running the show, Ozzy opines that Coach should get rid of Albert before the merge.  Jim sees Ozzy’s comment as an indication of his own strategy and fears for his own safety in the game.  He plans to use Ozzy’s comment against him with Keith the next time Savaii has to go to Tribal Council.

Over at the Upolu tribe Albert finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol, but after searching for a while cannot find the idol itself.  Frustrated he reveals what he has found to Coach and Sophie and enlists the pair to help find the idol.  After a difficult start to the day which saw Coach trashed at Redemption Island, Coach turns things around by finding the idol.

For the immunity challenge the teams have to tear meat off of a pig spit using only their mouths.  The tribe that collects the most meat wins the challenge.  It is a very gross challenge and one that inflicts many mouth-related injuries on the contestants, but Upolu manages to get two more ounces of meat in to their basket for the win.  Along with immunity Upolu gets to keep their meat along with vegetables and spices.  

Losing the immunity challenge sends Savaii to tribal council later that evening.  Jim immediately puts in to place his plan to discuss Ozzy’s comment with Keith in an effort to get him to vote for Elyse him Dawn and Cochran.  Keith acknowledges the need to keep Ozzy in check by eliminating his confidant, but while discussing the idea with Whitney, wonders the impact it would have on Ozzy.

In the end Keith and Whitney realize that they can throw their two votes to someone other than Elyse and Cochran and Elyse will still be voted out by the three votes from Jim, Dawn and Cochran.  Savaii is shocked when two votes show up for Dawn, but the end result is the same – Elyse is sent home.

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If anyone calls me Benjamin to my face, I'm going to go nutz.


Lies straight from Hell. All of y'all are going to go to Hell with gasoline drawers on.