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The start of the last five episodes of Survivor: South Pacific has been Ozzy winning another Redemption Island dual and this week was no different.  Needing just two more challenges to get back in the game Ozzy easily dispatched this week’s opponent, Edna.  The challenge had the duo solving a slide puzzle followed by a cube puzzle and Ozzy’s significant lead after the slide puzzle allowed him to cruise to victory.

Back at the Te Tuna camp the core five Upolu alliance was starting to break down at the prospect of having to send one of their own to Redemption Island.  Not only was this portion of the game not planned out, but the idea of needing to defeat Ozzy at Redemption Island to prevent him from coming back to the game took center stage.  Albert and Brandon lobbied for Sophie while Sophie and Coach lobbied for Brandon.

For the immunity challenge the remaining contestants had to scale up a significant incline using a rope to untie four bags of puzzle pieces.  When correctly arranged the pieces would reveal the correct code to raise a flag.  Brandon got out to an early lead and was able to solve the puzzle without much difficulty for the victory.

With Brandon’s name out of the mix to be sent home, the tribe seemed resigned to send Albert to Redemption Island.  Brandon, however, shocked everyone when he gave Albert his immunity necklace because he correctly felt that Albert’s neck was on the line.  What Brandon did not count on was that he would be the one sent home when Albert was no longer an option.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 13 Quotes

We can stand on our head in the water and blow bubbles for six days.


The alliances within the alliances will be revealed.