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The day after the men’s dramatic tribal council, the game is flipped on its head when Jeff announces at the immunity challenge that the tribes are being randomly redrawn.  The new Salani tribe of Sabrina, Kim, Chelsea, Kat, Troyzan, Jay and Mike look like the heavy favorites after the tribes are drawn and promptly win the immunity challenge.  Working in groups of four, the tribes have to navigate an obstacle course while transporting a bucket of water with holes in it.

For their trouble the new Salani tribe was given a huge reward.  Beyond the coffee and peanut butter and jelly feast, Salani more importantly got to stay at the original beach.  For Manono, they had to move to a new beach and rebuild their shelter.  Beyond the trauma of losing the challenge, Manono feels like they are going to struggle at all to win any challenge.

The jockeying begins immediately at the new tribes.  Although the women are technically down three women to four men on the Manono tribe, Alicia is confident that Colton will switch sides and vote with her, Monica and Christina.  Colton, however, has other ideas and spends his time working both his previous all-male alliance and the new women on his tribe.

Things are calmer at the Salani tribe after the reward victory so Kim uses the time to search for and find the hidden immunity idol.  Sensing she needs to confide in someone she goes to Chelsea and reveals the find.  The duo then forms a plan to work together, as quietly as possible, to form a power duo and use the idol to get them far in the game.

For the immunity challenge the tribes square off in a game of water-based Survivor basketball.  The size and athleticism disparity is evident very quickly with Salani winning the first two contests that contain men in the match up.  Manono gets on the board when Monica scores a basket in an all-woman match up, but Salani easily wins the ensuing match up and takes immunity.

At the sliding Manono camp Colton is leading the charge to remove Monica.  Alicia is wary of reducing her numbers even further, but Colton convinces her that he’s in charge and so long as that’s true, she’s safe and doesn’t need immunity.  Monica thinks Tarzan is going home and is blindsided at tribal council when her name comes up.

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