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Two straight victories in last week’s episode prevented the women from having to go to tribal council and gave them some fishing clear.  Feeling the sting from finally losing, Jonas and Troyzan propose to the women that if they are allowed to use the net, they’ll share half of what they catch.  The women are not interested in feeding the men and reject the men’s offer, much to Jonas and Troyzan’s chagrin.

The reward challenge this week was a game of “Connect 5”, so to speak, using a coconut sling shot.  The women seem to grasp using the sling shot faster than the men, are more effective with their shots and win the game of “Connect 5”.  As a reward they are given the choice of three rewards: blankets and a pillow, a tarp, or donuts and coffee.  As much as they wanted the donuts, the women wisely choose the tarp.

Back at camp Leif makes a colossal mistake when he lets it slip that Bill was in serious consideration to be voted off at least week’s tribal council.  Mike finds out about the mistake and tries to capitalize on Leif’s error by making him the focus of the next vote instead of himself.  Once Colton finds out from Mike the mistake Leif makes, he immediately confronts and threatens Leif.  Sensing he’s dead, Leif immediately back tracks and apologizes.

For the immunity challenge the tribes were divided in to pairs that needed to navigate a simple teeter-tooter and then complete one puzzle per pair to retrieve a key.  Once all three keys were collected the tribe could unlock the three locks that would release their flag.  

Prior to the challenge the women experienced some drama when Kat suggested she needed a good partner to help her with the puzzle and Alicia took it personally.  Kat did not intend it that way, but after Chelsea and Alicia couldn’t solve the first puzzle before the men were already on their third, perhaps Kat was correct.  The men blew out the women who were left pointing the finger at Alicia.

Any worries Alicia had about being sent home were quickly erased when the men proposed giving them the immunity idol so they could go to tribal council.  In the hours leading up to tribal council Bill attempted to clear the air with Colton.  Instead all that it did was enrage Colton to the point of suggesting the men go to tribal council under the auspices of voting Leif off for being a traitor.

Bill buys Colton’s plan and the men stun the women by giving them the idol.  Jeff is even more stunned to see the men show up at tribal council and quickly learns why: they wanted to vote Leif off.  Over the course of tribal council, however, the growing friction between Bill and Colton rears its ugly head as the duo compares their backgrounds.  When the final vote is read, Bill and not Leif is sent home and the stand-up comic is stunned to have his torch snuffed out.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 4 Quotes

That little munchkin is about to be knocked back to Oz.


Boys and girls, Bill Posley just got wowed. Turns out my name was WAY more on the chopping block than I thought it was at the last tribal council.