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After a second straight guy is voted off, Tarzan expresses his concern to Troyzan.  Generally unconcerned Troyzan does not pay much heed to what Tarzan had to say, but ultimately admits that the situation is less than ideal.  A similar conversation occurs between Troyzan and Jay with the duo debating the possibility that the women are turning on them.

The reward challenge is a do-it-yourself challenge with everything that the survivors need to play the game given to them.  Split in to two teams via a random draw each player on the two teams were given one opportunity to throw a bolo at a poll of pegs with increasing point values as the pegs went higher.  The red team of Troyzan, Tarzan, Jay, Kat and Alicia scored six points while the black team only managed one.

For their efforts the red team won a barbeque on a private island complete with drinks and an assortment of cooked seafood.  For Tarzan the win represented his first reward since starting the game 25 days ago.  The other members of the red team gorge themselves on the abundant food and alcohol.  In the middle of the revelry, Jay reveals to Kat that he was not happy with Mike going home and expects Alicia to be voted out next.

Back at camp Kim is doing her best to make sure that the women’s alliance is solid and that Jay or Troyzan, whoever does not win immunity, will be voted off next.  Alicia, Sabrina and Kat are on board, but suddenly Chelsea does not feel good about the whole process.  She anxious about voting off two people she promised she would not send home.

The immunity challenge tested the contestants will; both physical and mental.  For the physical aspect of the challenge the contestants had to keep their arm above their head while balancing on a narrow wooden perch.  The mental aspect of the challenge involved resisting Jeff’s temptation of food for whoever came down from their perch.

Tarzan does not even pretend as if he could win the challenge and simply drops out the moment the challenge starts.  Christina, Kim and Kat take Jeff’s early offer of cookies, cupcakes and milk and drop out of the challenge.  Alicia and Jay follow them shortly thereafter for candy and chicken wings, respectively.  After Troyzan legitimately falls off, Chelsea convinces Leif to step down for three hamburgers, giving her the immunity necklace.

Troyzan reads the writing on the wall after the challenge and decides that his fate is in too much danger to risk not playing the idol.  He lets his intentions be known to Jay and tries to convince him to rally enough votes for Kim.  Jay remains faithful to an alliance that is no longer there and reveals Troyzan’s plan to Kim.  The women respond by splitting the vote at tribal council for Troyzan and Jay and when Troyzan plays the idol, Jay is sent home.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 9 Quotes

This is the part where you need to take your heart out of the game and put your brain back in the game.


Some beautiful crabs color-wise and architecturally.