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The fireworks got started early this week on Survivor with a controversial reward challenge.  For the challenge the contestants had to answer revealing questions about the group.  Each correct answer gave the player a chance to take out one of the three lives of other players.  Despite answering questions correctly, Troyzan had too many enemies in the challenge to last long.  Kim, on the other hand, was surrounded by friends – and correct answers – and won the challenge.

While Kim won an opportunity to take a helicopter ride to a private island for a picnic, she also had to tenuously choose two people to go with her.  Despite an earlier conversation with Kat about going on the reward together, Kim chooses Alicia and Chelsea.   This clearly did not sit well with Kat and Troyzan jumped on the opportunity to point out to Kat and anyone willing to listen that Kim was revealing who was on top and who was on the bottom of the women’s alliance.

Kim immediately senses the tension at camp from her decision after she returns from the reward.  She tries to talk with an emotional Kat, but does not seem to get anywhere.  Fortunately for the entire tribe, a pig emerges out of nowhere and strolls through their camp.  The camp turns in to a comedy of errors as they unsuccessfully try to catch the pig.  For Kim the respite means the pressure is off of her, if only temporarily.  

At the immunity challenge the survivors have to hurl themselves down a greased slide and collect a ring in the process.  When they reach the end of the slide they must throw the ring on to a hook before their opponent does.  Competing one on one, victory allows the winner to advance to the next round.  The women get excited early when Tarzan upsets Troyzan in the opening round.  Ultimately Kim defeats Chelsea for the immunity necklace.

Prior to Tribal Council Troyzan continues to harp on Kat and Christina about their place in the alliance.  Astoundingly he learns from Christina that the girls are planning on splitting the vote between him and her, so he tries to rally support to vote against Christina.  Despite his best efforts, he doesn’t get enough votes and is sent home.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 11 Quotes

Kat needs to be soothed. She's a hot mess right now.


We're going to have to do some damage control with our alliance.