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Heading in to the finale, Survivor: One World is left with five women vying for the title of sole survivor.  The first question the women needed to answer was which side Kim was going to be on.  Her options were to stay with her original alliance of Sabrina and Chelsea or go with a seemingly more favorable final three option of Christina and Alicia.

Before any decisions would be made, there was an immunity challenge to complete.  The five part challenge required the survivors to untie knots to open a door which led them to a balance beam maze.  After completing the maze, they had to untie five bags of puzzle pieces from a cargo net.  The solved puzzle would provide clues to the final combination lock which, when correct, would release a flag and crown a winner.

The challenge proved extremely difficult and rightly so.  Christina took an early lead after the door knots, but Alicia rallied from fourth place to come out of the balance beam maze in first place.  Chelsea passed Alicia untying the knots from the cargo net and Kim passed everyone when it was time to finish the puzzle.  However, Kim did not get the combination lock correct on her first try, allowing Alicia and Chelsea to all catch up and take a crack at the lock.  Fortunately for Kim, they were wrong on their first attempt as well and Kim was able to solve the combination and win immunity.

With immunity around her neck, Kim felt the weight of having to pick sides grow as tribal council got closer.  However, both Alicia and Christina and Chelsea and Sabrina were confident Kim was voting with them, so there was very little scrambling or pressure on Kim.  This was confirmed by all four non-immune ladies at tribal council and led to Alicia being shocked that she was sent to the jury.

Knowing she needs to win the final immunity challenge or be sent home, Christina gives Kim a run for her money in a difficult challenge.  The survivors had to navigate a pole which would hold one of ten stackable cups through a metal course that would wobble if touched.  To win all ten cups needed to stack, but if any fell down they had to start over.  Kim took an early lead on the first go through the course and held on to it for another victory despite the pressure from Christina.

After Kim informed Christina that she was being voted off, Christina put up no fight and was summarily voted off at tribal council that night.  With the riff-raff out of the way, Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim celebrated what they set out to do back on day one: make it to the final three.   What laid in wait for them were the always difficult jury questions at the final tribal council.

Despite a number of blindsides and seemingly scorned jury members, the questions lacked the normal vitriol that we’ve come to expect from these exercises.  Instead many jury members were congratulatory of the game that Kim as well as Chelsea and Sabrina had played to get themselves to the final three.  In the end, Sabrina gets two votes from the jury, but Kim takes the remaining seven for the victory.

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