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Coming back from a fiery tribal council the women attempt to solve their difficulties.  Christina and Alicia try to bury the hatchet, but Alicia doesn’t care for Christina at all, despite appearing as if she does in person.  Sabrina is reluctantly appointed as the tribe leader, but she wonders how well she can do leading the ‘airheads’.

The women do not get much time to lick their wounds when they find the reward challenge is at tree mail.  With both tribes present, Bill plays the role of Jeff Probst and reads the instructions to the tribes.  Each tribe has to make its way through seemingly numerous knots and loops to release a looped circle at the base of the giant knot.  Both teams are neck and neck, but the Manona tribe edges the Salani tribe and the men take the tarp home as their prize.  

Despite the win, Colton is not happy with his place in the game.  While his team works to build a structure befitting of their newly won tarp, Colton sulks on the outskirts of camp.  He quickly heads to the Salani camp to feel more comfortable but quickly wears out his welcome through his seemingly constant presence.  

Licking his wounds and emotionally crushed by being rejected from the women, Colton vows to get himself back in to the game.  Around the camp fire that night Colton reveals to Leif, Jonas, Troyzan and Tarzan that he has the idol and the fivesome launches a plan to oust one of the muscle-bound four man alliance.

Fortunately for the men, Kat ruined any suspense of who was going to tribal council at the immunity challenge.  The tribes lined up on a balance beam and one by one had to get by each other to get to the other side.  While the men worked slow and stead, Kat repeatedly fell off the balance beam, touched too many teammates or simply jumped off for no reason and the men won easily.

Back at the Salani tribe Nina was the choice for the five person chopping block, but the decision was not sitting well with all of the five person alliance.  Sabrina recognized that Kat was the reason they lost the challenge and Chelsea couldn’t deny everything Nina was saying about why she deserved to stay and Kat should go home.  Even at tribal council the Salani tribe seemed to have turned on Kat, but in the end it was Nina sent home, as planned all along.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 2 Quotes

Nina looks like a bag of rocks...and I don't even know what that analogy means.


If I saw her swimming in the ocean and drowning, I'd probably look the other way.