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Dan loses his underwear in the water, so he creates underwear from his shirt.

It's day 4 and the white collar tribe have just managed to get fire.

While the white collar tribe try to get the camp in order, Max strips off and walks around the beach naked.

Nina feels excluded from her tribe because of her hearing impairment. It makes matters worse when the girls go skinny dipping without her. She quickly argues with the girls in the wake of this. The girls don't seem as though they care much.

Vince is trying to pull Nina in with him now. He is jealous of Joe.

At the immunity trial, Vince gets an early lead, but is quickly over taken by Dan.

The no collars are let down by Will.

Joaquin wins it for the white collars.

Sierra wins it for the blue collar.

No collar will be facing tribal council.

Joe tries to get Will and the girls to vote Nina out. Will doesn't want to. Will informs Nina of the plan to vote her out. Nina tells him about Vince's comments about his health costing them the challenge.

At tribal, Jeff asks Nina about the divide at camp. Nina comments that the girls singled her out. Jenn tries to deflect this.

The vote finds Vince eliminated from the episode.

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Survivor Season 30 Episode 2 Quotes

Like, get it together Nina. You're crying on day 4.


It was really nice of you guys to invite me.