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The three tribes are introduced to each other. They all debate with each other and the white collars quickly dismiss the no collars as weak, due to their free spirited nature.

Two people from each tribe are quickly chosen to split from their tribe to go make a quick decision. They get the the choice between honest and deceive. White collar chooses to deceive, as does blue, but no collar decides to remain truthful.

Deceive means the tribe will get a small bag of food and a clue about an immunity idol, while choosing honest results in the group getting a big bag of food.

Both of the tribes who chose to deceive are quickly caught out by their teams. Carolyn notices that So and Joaquin are clearly looking for something and she manages to find the idol before them, without a clue.

She isn't happy they lied, but admits she would have did the same.

Vince is jealous that Jen is speaking to Joe after the two of them made an alliance. He pulls Jen aside who confirms to him that she isn't with Joe.

Dan quickly makes enemies with the girls on his camp when he tries to boss them about. He gets taken down a few pegs by them and takes a step back.

At the first immunity challenge, Max makes a comment that there is no way the no collars are winning because of the puzzle they choose. Thanks to Joe stepping in for Jen, the no collars manage to win immunity and reward.

The white collars and blue collars battled it out for second place, but Shirin's puzzle skills aren't good enough and Max must step in. It ultimately costs them the challenge and they lose.

As Tyler scrambles to everyone but Shirin, So tells him they should vote Carolyn out. Carolyn gets win of this and confronts her and So lies to her face. Carolyn reveals to Tyler that she has the immunity idol and So and Joaquin lied to the tribe.

Everything is up in the air with a lot of back and forth before tribal.

At tribal, Carolyn and So go at it about So and Joaquin being poor liars. Carolyn is upset that So dismissed her because of her age. By a vote of 4-2, So is eliminated. So wishes the rest of her tribe good luck and says goodbye.

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Survivor Season 30 Episode 1 Quotes

I want to get all the girls. I'll be their leader and i'll take them to the merge with me.


I saw your smile and your big bright eyes. I was like, instant connection.