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Ua tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Genie is annoyed. She says she will no longer take care of them. Shan tells Genie about Brad's steal-a-vote and that she was Brad's number one, not Genie. JD asks for his extra vote back from Shan and she gives it to him. 

At the reward challenge, the tribes must roll a ball along a track, dig under a beam, and land the ball on a perch. Genie wins first place for Ua, winning a visit from a local expert to show them how to live off the land. Yase comes in second, winning a single fish. Luvu comes in third, due to Heather's terrible performance. Heather breaks down, apologizing, but the others encourage her and reassure her. 

At Yase, Evvie "recaps" the tribe's journey up until this point, how they are now on a winning streak. Tiffany is proud of herself and how they can work together. They enjoy their fish.

Tiffany calls her tribemates over to witness a miracle of nature -- baby turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean. Evvie sees the similarities between the Yase tribe and the turtles. 

At Ua, their local helper, Nathan, climbs a twenty-five-foot tree to get them coconuts, shows them how to fish, and shows them how to cook it Fijian style. Ricard thinks about how they may not need Genie after all. 

At Luvu, Erika and Deshawn have a chat. In a confessional, Erika shares how anxious she is to start playing the game and show her devious nature. She notices how reactive Sydney is.

Erika suggests to Deshawn that they consider voting Sydney out. Deshawn agrees, but in a confessional states that he trusts Sydney more than he trusts Erika, thinking she's sneaky.

Deshawn has a chat with Sydney, telling her that Erika has said her name. Sydney is surprised at first, but reasons that she's such an all-around threat it makes sense that others would want to vote her out. 

Deshawn and Sydney approach Danny about Erika. Deshawn suggests throwing the challenge to get Erika out. Danny understands why this would be a good idea in theory, but doesn't know if he can bring himself to do it.

At the immunity challenge, the castaways must swim, untie three bags of blocks, untie the bags, push the blocks through a tunnel, grab a key, then do a ring toss. 

Deshawn tries to slow it down in the water, but Yase is just struggling so much they can't keep up. Deshawn starts retying knots. Danny tries not to push so hard, but Naseer is too strong. Erika finds the key. Deshawn keeps missing the ring toss. Naseer subs in and lands two rings quickly. 

Xander wins it for Yase. It's close for second between Naseer for Luvu and JD for Ua, but Naseer takes it. Deshawn is happy for Naseer to have his moment, but just wishes it could have been in a different challenge.

Ua returns to camp. Genie is convinced it's going to be her. She's considering rolling her shot-in-the-dark and asks JD to vote Ricard. JD wants to convince Genie not to roll her shot-in-the-dark. JD tells Ricard about Genie's plan. Genie tells Shan she wants to get Ricard out. Shan tries to convince Genie that JD is the target and she shouldn't roll her die. 

Shan tells Ricard about her plan -- she will tell JD she thinks he's working on a blindside against her, with Genie. Shan goes to JD and tells him this. JD stresses that this is not the case. Shan asks for his advantage as a token of trust. Shan hums her little evil song. JD gives her his advantage to hold on to. 

Shan lets Ricard know she has JD's advantage. Shan considers voting JD out, but it's still worth considering Genie as well. 

Ua arrives at tribal council. Jeff remarks that this feels like a turning point for the tribe. Ricard and Shan say that Survivor is harder to play than watch since everyone feels like family. Genie states how she was blindsided by the Brad vote and now she's scrambling. Jeff asks if 2:2 is a possibility. Genie thinks it's going to be 3:1. JD reminds her that she will lose her vote with the shot-in-the-dark. JD and Shan both reflect on what they still need and want to do in the game. Genie gets emotional.  

JD is voted out 3:1. 


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Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 Quotes

They love to hate me. They hate me 'cause they ain't me.


I am actually a lion dressed like a lamb. As much as I wanted to keep this innocent act up, like, I'm so ready to take off my little lamb costume and show my teeth a bit more.