Abby Ventures into the Swamp
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Abby Arcane is in Conga helping save young children in a war-torn locale. 

However, she is tasked with returning home to save everyone from a mysterious virus. 

A young girl named Suzie is puking up parts of trees and branches. 

Abby crosses paths with Alec, a man who is conducting experiments of his own, and they become fast friends. 

Alec is shot at while trying to find a way to save the swamp, but he seemingly becomes the elusive swamp monster. 

Abby tries to get people to help her, but she finds herself going up against her former best friend's mom, who thinks Abby played a part in her daughter's death. 

As if that was not bad enough, Maria was using a psychic to get her own form of closure. 

Abby found Suzie's dad dead thanks to the swamp. She also found the bodies from the beginning of the premiere. 

She reignites a friendship with her school friend who is a journalist who moonlights as a barmaid. 

Swamp Thing
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Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tim: How long has it been since you were home?
Abby: A while.

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My name is Dr. Abby Arcane. My team is here to find the source of this disease.