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This episode opens with the SWAT team busting a meth lab -- Street breaks protocol and gets hit with a dart. This was a training exercise and Mumford's team has bean them.

During a transport to a local department of corrections four convicts escape captivity by slaughtering several guards.

Hicks questions Deacon about Hondo's ability to lead the SWAT team. He admits to promoting Hondo to ease the racial tension in the city.

The mastermind behind the prison escape is Jesse Ramirez aka "Cuchillo" -- who Jessica once put behind bars. Hicks gives Mumford's team the two gold star escapees and gives Hondo's team the leftovers.

Jessica visits a woman who testified in court against Cuchillo and vow to protect her and her children now that he has escaped.

Deacon and Hondo butt heads about how to approach one of their escaped convicts. Hondo moves too fast and spooks the guy, proving Deacons plan was better thought out. Jessica scolds Hondo for this move, but attempts to keep Hicks off his back.

Luca and Tan have dirt on Street -- they tell the team about his background not playing well with others and bring transferred. Buck arrested is mother years ago for killing his father after years of physical abuse. 

Hondo goes to visit the witness and assigns Chris and Street to keep watch over them, despite Hicks' orders. He also wants Chris to work on bringing Street into the "SWAT family." C and S joke about dating profiles.

Jessica warns Hondo that Hicks is getting impatient about the evaluations from the training exercise and she thinks he's trying to come after Hondo.

Hondo gets a tip from a local about where Cuchillo might be, and a girl he might have taken hostage.

Meanwhile, Cuchillo has the girl and her father captive. He stabs the dad and takes the girl on the run moments before SWAT arrives.

Cuchillo's cousin who helped him break out goes to the family home of the witness with a gun. Before he can do any damange, Chris and Street take him out.

The rest of team heads toward the cabin where Cuchillo is holding his hostage and a shoot-out ensues. Stuck under heavy fire, Hondo shows up to help in a helicopter. He takes out Cuchillo with one near-impossible shot, and saves the day.

Hondo goes home to find Jessica at his house. She is willing to continue a relationship with him, but it has to be in secret -- Hicks can never know. 

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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hicks: You guys got smoked out there. Street's screw-up, that on him or Hondo?
Deacon: The kid's new to SWAT. It'll take a second to get him together.
Hicks: I have my doubts Hondo's the guy to do it.
Deacon: You hired him.
Hicks: Optics. We had to lower the racial temperature in the city. Now that the situation's cooled down, Hondo's gonna have to prove that he deserves that top spot.

Hondo: Never break rank. We move as one.
Street: I see a rabbit, I chase it.
Hondo: Cut the lone wolf crap. SWAT's strength is in the pack. You want to be a hot dog, get a job at Pink's.