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A group of criminals dressed as SWAT members raid a wealthy home, tying up the family and stealing jewelry. When a security guard comes to check on the house, the bad guys shoot him.

The real SWAT team heads to the home and finds the family afraid and aiming weapons at them -- unsure if they are actual police or more robbers. Chris is able to talk them down.

The team questions the family about what happened and find inconsistencies in their story -- clearly hiding something. The girl has an attachment to Chris and Hondo tells her to use that connection.

Dean and Luca are tasked with a "security detail" job -- watching over pro Hockey player Bobby Strock who has been receiving death threats.

Hondo another home in the neighborhood who might have burglarized, and gets another vague story about what happened.

Jessica is visited by a city council member who lives in the targeted neighborhood, demanding a stronger SWAT presence. Very aggressive.

The team questions the man that sold the criminals the fake SWAT costumes.

Street gets a tip about the criminals trying to off load the jewelry. They pursue the fake SWAT team on foot. After a shoot-out they catch one member who has the bag of jewels.

Two of the criminals pack to run, but the leader wants to continue with their plan to hit another house. After his buddies refuse to join, he shoots and kills one of them.

Luca and Deacon have trouble keeping Bobby the hockey player in check.

The team questions T.C. Fleming, the captured criminal, and he gives up no info.

Hicks questions Jessica about her inquiry into the departments budget. She admits that the meeting with the councilwoman has pushed her to do more for the community. Hicks not impressed.

Desiree comes clean to Chris that burglars forced her to undress on camera as blackmail.

Hondo brings the missing jewelry back to the Kemp's and gets the family to admit that they were burglarized and their daughter was also videotaped.

Desiree and Laura recognize photos of some of the burglars from a local club. Hondo believes they used the club to scope out rich girls as targets.

Luca, Deacon, and Bobby go to a sports bar where they're greeted icily from the locals. Bobby pushes buttons and Deacon gets pissed.

The team questions a third girl who might be in danger -- April. She tries to run after SWAT takes over her home and Hondo discovers that she has the damaging videos on her phone.

In custody, April admits that she has a grudge against the other girls, but didn't have a hand in planning the break-ins.

Desiree and Laura think that April's ex-boyfriend Corby might be the next target, and we find out the final two bad guys have Corby and his family tied up at their home.

Deacon and Luca get called in to the hostage situation. SWAT enters, taking out one guy and capturing the other. Another case solved.

Hondo checks in with Jessica who is still stressed out about how to help the whole community with limited resources.

Chris teaches Desiree how to box as a form of therapy.

Bobby lets Deacon play in the hockey game on the home team and the rest of the team comes out to watch.


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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Hondo: Be ready for anything. Got that, Street?
Street: Shoot anything that moves, got it.

If I knew I'd get to hang out with you guys, I'd have made enemies a long time ago.