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This episode opens with the SWAT team busting what they thought was the home base of a drug operation, and find a group of trafficked immigrants instead.

A detective from Homicide joins their case, suspecting the human traffickers are responsible for several deaths being investigated in their department.

Street gets a call from his mom in prison asking him to visit her.

Hondo visits one of the trafficked people in the hospital and meets Father Guzman, who worked with some of the Filipino nurses that turned up dead.

Street goes to visit his mom in jail and reiterates his hatred of his father and feels she shouldn't be in jail. His mom asks him to visit (threaten) Trey Smith, the ex-boyfriend of one of her friends who is being released, and he agrees.

Luca has been kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend and wants to stay with one of the team members -- a pattern of his.

Robert Miller, who sponsored the Filipino nurses, reveals that he hired a man named Arvado to do the on the ground work with the immigrants.

Members of the team go to Arvado's house and question a junkie who shows up.

Street asks Chris to cover for him while he "runs and errand." She refuses, but he takes off anyway.

Street shows up at Trey's place and warns him to stay away from her. They get in a scuffle.

Hondo gets a call and discovers that Street has been arrested. When he shows up he lets the other guy go and lectures Street on whether he's going to be a Swat member or a loose cannon. Hondo is also upset with Chris for letting Street leave his post.

The team discovers that there is a 2nd group of trafficked people hidden somewhere and they are all forced to be drug mules on the threat of their families being killed.

Jessica questions Hondo about Street's behavior and Hondo asks her to look into the guy that he fought with.

Street empathizes with a suspects girlfriend and gets information about where one of their suspects might be. As Swat waits at Julio's house, a motorcyclist drives up and shoots him.

Back at HG the team discovers the shooter is a hired hitman, and discover Robert Miller is their bad guy.

At the Miller's home his wife tries to convince the team that her husband is innocent, but we learn she is also dirty when she shoots Detective Marcus from Homicide.

The team shows up at an airplane hangar just in time to arrest Miller and his wife before they literally fled the country. Miller turns on his wife and reveals the location of the 2nd group of people.

Hondo agrees to give Street another chance and tells him his punishment is to take in Luca until he finds a place to stay.

Hondo goes to visit Street's mom in prison and we discover that she lied to Street -- Trey was actually the guy who delivers contraband to inmates and she wanted to warn him off of her competition. Hondo tells her that she'll be seeing less of her son and that he won't let her manipulate Street anymore because he is a part of his family now.

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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Luca: Look, guys, you know how it goes. I need a place to stay tonight. So cut the suspense, tell me whose car to throw my stuff in.
Chris: Not me, sorry Luca.
Tan: I took him last time. Deac?
Deacon: No way. New baby. End of story.
Street: What's going on?
Chris: Luca got kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. That's three in as many years.
Luca: Yeah, rule is someone from the team has to take me in.
Tan: 'Til he gets on his feet.
Street: What is that, like some kind of bro code?
Luca: No, SWAT code. Far more sacred.
Street: Wait, wait, wait. So you break up and the girls get your apartment? You need a new lawyer.

Karen: It's wrong to ask you. I shouldn't have called. I have no place asking you for anything.
Street: You got every place to ask me whatever you want.
Karen: Jimmy, you don't owe me anything.
Street: I owe you everything.
Karen: I chose to stay with your father when things got ugly.
Street: And you did the right thing by taking him out.