A Dangerous Prisoner - S.W.A.T.
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  • Street and Chris talk on the phone before Street's flight in Miami
  • Street meets a U.S. Marshal and the dangerous prisoner, Galloway
  • Hondo gives Nichelle her own key to his house and officially asks her to move in with him. Luca and Chris bug Hondo to spill the beans after Deacon tells them about the news
  • A guy on the plane creates a makeshift gun in the bathroom and Galloway finds it. He uses a pin to get his handcuffs off
  • Galloway sends a message through that he'll let the passengers go once they land in LA in exchange for his wife who is in prison. Flight crew and law enforcement will stay on
  • Galloway recently tortured another officer to get away
  • 20-Squad tries to figure out what the plan is
  • Hondo makes contact with the plane, and after Street is on the line, he lets Hondo and Hicks know by code how many hijackers are there and where they are
  • The team use the S.W.A.T. training plane to run a hijacker drill, with the help of S.W.A.T. Academy recruits
  • Street tells the stewardess to get his stun gun from his bag and the U.S. Marshal plays along
  • 20-Squad tries to perfect their plan
  • Street tries to fight back and the stewardess gets caught, Galloway uses the stun gun on Street
  • Galloway sets new terms thanks to Street and there's less than three hours until the plane lands. 20-Squad is back to square one as their plan won't work with a cabin full of passengers
  • Luca talks to Nora about a hearing problem
  • Deacon meets with Mrs. Galloway to get her husband to rethink the negotiation terms
  • Street comforts the stewardess and they talk about their failed relationships and what they call home
  • When the team tries out another plan, Chris starts to go overboard, knowing what's on the line
  • Nora wants to quit instead of hang back because of her hearing problems
  • Chris meets with Mrs. Galloway to get inside her head. She agrees to help
  • Street uses a hair pin from the stewardess to get himself and the U.S. Marshal free
  • The plane lands and 20-Squad makes their move. Street figures there's another hijacker acting like a passenger. Meaning that 20-Squad is expecting only three, not four hijackers
  • 20-Squad makes breach and save the day
  • Chris sees the stewardess talking to Street, who are making conversation following the situation. She offers to buy him a drink and food
  • Nichelle rethinks moving in with Hondo. She admits she saw a doctor, and the chances of having a baby are lower than she thought they were. Nichelle knows how much Hondo wants to have a family, but all Hondo wants is her


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S.W.A.T. Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Street: Chris, I don't know how much longer I can do this.
Chris: I can't make you do anything you don't want to.

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