Celebrating Helen's News - Sweet Magnolias
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Helen is helping Issac find his birth mom. All they know is she's from Serenity.

Kyle displays an attitude about living downstairs. Maddie wants to talk about that night.

People at school are making cruel jokes about the fight between Ty and Jackson. Annie isn't happy.

Dana Sue sent Helen and Maddie candy bracelets and sorry magnolias to make up. Helen shared that she's pregnant.

Cal suggests that Ty still join the State game as the captain and show leadership. He considered it but changed his mind after seeing Annie with Jackson.

Kyle is surrounded by get-well gifts, and Maddie is worried he won't open up.

Dana Sue needs more money or a loan for Sullivan's. She proposed. She and Ronnie stay married in name only to get a better mortgage. Ronnie teases he can help in many ways.

Annie brings dinner over to the Townsends. When she tries to sign Kyle's cast, Kyle explodes at her. Maddie gets more worried that she didn't see anything, and Paula comforts her.

Helen is having trouble getting Issac's birth records and wants to know why meeting her is essential. Issac admits he had a great childhood, but he needs to know where he comes from.

Maddie realizes Ty doesn't want to be involved with baseball to protect her, and she tells him to be fearless.

Cal becomes Dana Sue's silent partner at the restaurant.

Maddie informs Kyle he needs to talk to a therapist.

Helen tried to call Ryan about the baby.

Sweet Magnolias
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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Ronnie: I think you'd be tickled to find how I can help your cause.
Dana Sue: the way you can help my cause is to sign your name on the application so I can keep my business.

Dana Sue: Can we please do this for our little girl?
Ronnie: Anything for our little girl.