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Jules Thomas (Eliza Bennett), the perfect sorority girl, balances her life of being a college student while also serving up vigilante justice on her school’s campus. With her sorority sister Kennedy (Aisha Dee) by her side it seemed like Jules had it all figured out.

That is, until Ophelia Mayer (Taylor Dearden), a hell-raising, computer-hacking, weed-dealing trust fund baby who works at a record store has a chance encounter with her and realizes Jules is more than meets the eye.

As she starts to uncover the pieces, Ophelia’s law student best friend Harris, (Brandon Mychal Smith) grows increasingly concerned over her new private eye mentality. Under dire circumstances, the two girls come together and develop an unlikely friendship.

Meanwhile, Jules meets charming art student Tyler (Nick Fink) at a party and instantly feels a spark, but it isn’t long before the girls realize that Tyler and Jules’ connection is more complicated than it seems. Dylan McTee also stars.


Someone in costume is breaking into a fraternity house.

They want to play truth or dare. It's Jules in her disguise. She's there to get vengeance for a girl named Beth on whom Will forced himself despite a no.

She wounds him in the leg before leaving.

Ophelia had a one night stand. The guy likes her more than she likes him. Her friend Harris seems to keep her in check. She is incredibly smart, skipping all classes, but going to class isn't mandatory, right? Wrong. She's got a 4.0.

Jules is missing sorority meetings. They're going to have a party.

Ophelia finds out one more infraction and she's out of school. She gets caught smoking pot and runs, where she finds Jules kicking someone's ass. She's totally intrigued. Especially when she finds a necklace on the ground. She uses the whole thing as a bargaining chip to keep her own infraction quiet.

Jules sorority sisters MacKenzie and Kennedy get into her mail, learning she's on academic probation.

Ophelia looks into the people who were attacked to see if if was the girls getting revenge on the dude. The girl dropped out.

Jules hasn't shared with Kennedy what she's doing, and it becomes obvious why. She can't look Kennedy's boyfriend, Nate, in the eye. Hmmm.

Zetas come into the store looking for weed from Ophelia. She says she'll deliver it later.

At the party, Jules is super uncomfortable with the party, but a cute guy wants to talk to her because he saw her reading a book and wanted to get to know her. They fail to connect.

Jules threatens Ophelia to stay away, but Ophelia starts tracking Jules' phone.

The guy Jules goes after next gets the jump on her, and it brings back memories of Nate raping her.

The dude knocks out Jules, says he's going to kill her and Ophelia hits him over the head with a wrench, vomits on him and waits for Julies to wake up.

Jules doesn't swear, which makes Ophelia laugh. Jules says nothing about this is funny, and Ophelia says you're gosh darn right there isn't.

They go to a bar to talk about what's next. And while there, the guy from the party is there. His name is Tyler. He's waiting for his stepbrother, who is 30 minutes late. When She gets ready to put her number in his phone she sees his background photo...him and the dead guy.

They shuffle out the door and where is the car? It's gone.

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Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Jules: Do I have consent, Will? I want you to think about Beth. The music you played to drown out her screaming. The fear in her eyes when you held her down, when you forced yourself into her.
Will: No, no, please no. Please, I'll do anything.
Jules [smacks him]: I'm sorry. I thought no meant yes. My bad. You didn't stop when she said no, did you, Will? [punches him]
Will: No, no, I didn't stop. I didn't. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone! I'm so sorry.
Jules: If you ever do to anyone else what you did to Beth, I will be back.

Jules [showing her phone screen]: Do you know this girl? DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL?!
Will: It's your lock screen!
Jules: Oh. It is? Dang it.