Everything Goes Wrong - Sweetbitter
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Tess cashes in a check for her coworker Santos before heading to work and running Sasha as he’s preparing for his waiter interview.

Tess finds out from the bartender that Jake went on a last-minute trip with Simone to Cape Cod. Tess is hurt by this news. As she’s getting ready for work, Tess realizes she can’t find her shoes.

Will brings her orange slippers and tells Tess she has to do the dishes tonight anyway. Ari and Tess take a mystery pill. Later that night, Manny throws a napkin at Tess and gets mad at her for taking his business when she cashed in Santos’s check. 

After their argument is resolved, Manny tells Scott that Tess’s shoes are in the garbage. Just when Tess pops in the second half of the pill Ari gave her, Becky bursts into the restaurant demanding to see Howard. 

When Becky grabs a glass and shatters it on the ground, Howard comes out from the back to try and calm her down. Becky reveals that she slept with Howard and that he’s transferring her to a new restaurant. Sasha’s pissed Howard didn’t make him a server. 

Tess and Sasha go party at a club where Ari’s DJing and take more pills. Tess hallucinates Jake. Tess kisses Scott, and Scott says it was unprofessional. 

After, Tess and Will have sex in the restroom, Tess tells him it was a mistake and stumbles out. Tess and Sasha go to Ari’s after party. Tess ends up shaving Sasha in the shower. 

After Sasha confesses that he will have to go back to Russia because he didn’t get the server job and he can’t find his wife, he falls off of the balcony. Early the next morning, Sasha and Tess have a heart to heart in the hospital.

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Sweetbitter Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tess: What are those?
Ari: Treats. They make me human. Keep a hospitable smile on my face.
Tess: Hey Ari, do you think you got a spare treat for me?
Ari: Fine. Half for now. Half for later. Chew it if you want to feel it faster.
Tess: Wait, what is it?
Ari: A little too late to ask.

Tess: I was trying to help.
Scott: Don’t.